7 fun school holiday activities for the family

7 fun holiday activities for the familyThe school holidays are a time for relaxation and rest. Teenagers need to take time out of their busy school schedules in order to stay mentally fit. However, keeping the kids entertained for two weeks can be another story altogether. How long will it take before you hear the words, ‘I’m bored’?

We understand the pressures that parents face in keeping their children entertained and happy, without breaking the bank.

In Esperance, we are blessed with a location on the doorstep of one of the world’s most beautiful natural playgrounds. The opportunities for children to get involved with the great outdoors are endless.

There are plenty of ways to keep children happy which cost next to nothing. We have developed 7 fun school holiday activities for the family.

  1. Focus on family – doing things together is a great way of bonding. Our wonderful environment offers many opportunities for families to spend quality time together. You can go to the beach, take on a project together or allow your children to shadow you at work or on the farm. The emphasis needs to be on togetherness.
  1. Get outdoors – it is good for the soul to spend time in the great outdoors. April is arguably the best time of year in Esperance. You can:
    • Climb Frenchman’s Peak or go on a coastal hike.
    • Go camping (you can even camp in your backyard if it’s not possible to get away).
    • Spend time at the beach: swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing, building sandcastles or playing beach cricket.
  1. Get crafty – getting creative with household items can provide endless family entertainment. With a little imagination, you can produce all sorts of things, such as: spaceships, castles and fantasy lands.
    • Sheets and cardboard boxes can be used to make dens or hideouts.
    • Scraps of cloth can be fashioned into articles of clothing.
    • You could build a raft with plastic containers, poles and rope.
    • Building a volcano stove from an old tin can is also a great idea.
  1. Holiday programmes – take advantage of the free holiday programmes available in Esperance, which many of the local sports clubs stock. Kids can also participate in the One and All Programme which is designed to promote sport and recreation in a fun and interactive way. Yoga, AFL, golf and street soccer are just some of the examples of the activities on offer.
  1. In and around Esperance – there’s plenty to keep children busy in and around town. The new skate park and refurbished swimming platform are sure to be popular during the holidays. The Library and Sport Centre offer some great holiday programmes for children. There’s also some great films showing at the cinema.
  1. Put the kids to work – a part-time job for children who are old enough can be just the ticket to keep teenagers active and motivated during the holidays. Every child should know the value of hard-earned money. Alternatively, you can set the kids tasks to do around the house or on the farm.
  1. Camping – there are plenty of great spots to camp on a budget along the southern coast. We have the advantage of being closer than most, so get in early to avoid the Easter rush.

Most importantly, we encourage our families to stay safe during this holiday period. Parents and carers should know where their children are at all times. To maintain harmony in the home, we recommend setting clear guidelines about your expectations at the outset. Communication is key.

We wish our community a safe and happy holiday and look forward to welcoming our refreshed and relaxed students back after Anzac Day. If you’d like to stay in touch with what is happening at Esperance Anglican Community School, sign up to our free eNewsletter.