Why commemorating our Anzacs is important for children

Why commemorating our Anzacs is important for children

Anzac Day marks an important anniversary of military action over the years by Australia and New Zealand. As a nation, we take pride in this day and show our respect for the lives lost. It is important for your children to take pride in our culture and honour our past by commemorating our Anzacs.

How you can commemorate Anzac Day:

At Esperance Anglican Community School we have commemorated the day by firstly enjoying a public holiday to take time to reflect on what the day means as well as the significance of war.

We attended the annual Anzac Day parade to honour the day with dignity and show camaraderie as a school for the soldiers’ relentless effort and courage. We were proud to see members of our own school community march in the parade. Students had the opportunity to volunteer for the parade preparations, enabling deeper engagement in the commemoration by actively contributing and giving back.

We plan and design lessons with themes that align with Anzac Day, to allow students to appropriate reflect about this important occasion. For example, in English classes, we examine the poetry of war and concentrate on language or emotion, making lessons interesting, relevant and thought-provoking.

What students will learn:

We also hold a Chapel service and assembly in honour of Anzac Day and raise relevant topics for students to think about. Importantly we remind students of the concept that every person is God’s creation and we are created in his image. This is a powerful message in the context of war and conflict.

Students learn about sacrifice, determination and respect, understanding that these soldiers gave their lives at Gallipoli as well as the challenges these young men endured. They uncover a significant aspect that defines us as a nation – the spirit of mateship and camaraderie sustain us. Our students discover that as Australians we are distinctive.

Students learn that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things. This is an important lesson for young people to discover that everyone has the capacity to have a positive impact on society. It is inspirational and humbling for students to remember this.

We celebrate the very traits that make Australians who they are in our monthly Aussie of the Month Awards. Contemplating the Anzacs’ experiences encourages students to feel humility, peace and gratitude within their own lives.

Students can take this learning directly into their own experiences and it begins discussions of how we can avoid conflict in the future. We review how we should handle situations and appreciate the need for peace and communication to resolve differences and instil peace in our school community and more broadly as a society.

In a world where conflict and war is becoming uncomfortably frequent and normal, it is important to stop and reflect on those who have lost their lives or have been affected by war - mentally or physically. By considering the past and the present, the sacrifices, fear and suffering endured by all we hope to teach students to act with courage, humility and with peace.

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