Comment from the Principal – 12th May 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

The end of another week and NAPLAN happily out of the way for students in Year 7 and 9; all seemed to go smoothly.

Community Service - Parish Fete
Many thanks indeed to all our Year 7 and 8 students for their help at the Fete. It was good to have them making this contribution and I am grateful to parents and carers for their support.

Community Service - Lifesaving
Although we do not expect that our students will have to save lives that is just what two of our Year 9 students – Daisy Kirchner and Sadie Wheeler did in January of this year. They were presented with the Bronze Medallion for Courage Youth Awards by the Premier of WA, The Honourable Mark McGowan, for their rescue of two Kosovan tourists from a rip off West Beach in late January of this year. Their citation reads:

On 31st January 2017 at West Beach in Esperance, Daisy and Sadie, both 13 years of age at the time, observed two tourists caught in a rip.

While one of the girls kept her eyes on the people in the water, the other ran to a nearby house requesting someone call triple zero. Before returning to the beach, she grabbed two boogie boards. On the beach the two girls directed the tourists out of the rip before entering the water on the boogie boards and towing them in.

First Class Constable Sarah Norman, one of the emergency service personnel to attend to the incident, said that without the actions of the girls on the otherwise deserted beach, there would likely have been a very different outcome.

I was very touched to be able to attend the ceremony at the Police Station recognising this selfless service.

Independent Living Dinner
Service of another sort was also appreciated by parents, staff and members of the community at the dinner prepared and hosted by our four students following the Independent Living course. The girls did a super job providing delicious food and generous hospitality which made for a very convivial evening appreciated by all.

Boarding Survey
Further to my comment last week about the results of our boarding survey I have now received ‘benchmarking’ data which compares us against other boarding schools in Australia. It is very heartening to report that, in all aspects surveyed, EACS either exceeds or matches the standards achieved by these other schools. As someone who has been in boarding schools for nearly all of my professional life this is quite remarkable and very pleasing; I am indebted to our team in McVay that has allowed our boarding to flourish in this way.

Parent-Teacher Meetings
A reminder that the meeting for Years 8 and 9 will be held on Wednesday 17th May from 3.30pm. All parents in Years 8 and 9 will have been sent details about the booking process but please contact Reception if you have any queries.

The Week Ahead
Week 4 Jackman on Duty

Tuesday 16th – 1900 Movie Night in aid of Country Week funding
Wednesday 17th – School Council meeting
- 1530 Years 8 and 9 Parent-Teacher meeting
Friday 19th – Jackman House Chapel

Forthcoming Events
Monday 22nd May School exams for Years 8-10
Monday 29th School exams for Years 11 and 12

Examinations Years 11-12
Mr Clark has already provided information, via SEQTA, on the forthcoming exams for Years 11 and 12 but it may be worth reiterating the points he made.

The Semester One Exam timetable has been provided to all students: I hope that it provides a useful point of reference to help shape preparation over the next three weeks. Exam week extends from Friday 26th May to Friday 02 June, which is to ensure that students do not have any more than exam scheduled on any one day. Exams are across ALL ATAR SUBJECTS as well as English General (Foundation).

Exam duration is as follows:

  • Year 11 - 3 hours (except English General / Foundation 2 hours)
  • Year 12 - 3 hours

Year 12 students undertaking General courses of study will be required to sit an Externally Set Task (EST) but these tasks will be delivered separately as part of an in-class testing schedule extending from 18th - 25th May. Year 12 General students will be notified of the dates for their ESTs via separate correspondence.

Exam preparation should consist of the following components:

  • Week 3 - Note taking
  • Week 4 - Revise notes
  • Week 5 - Practice questions
  • Week 6 - Practice questions

Finally, during exam week (Friday 26th May to Friday 02 June) Year 11 and 12 students are deemed to be on STUDY LEAVE. They are NOT required to be in school as there are no scheduled classes. Teachers are, of course, available as per their normal timetable by appointment or prior arrangement and students may still wish to utilise the school as a quiet venue for independent study throughout the exam period.

Should any Teacher (ATAR or General) require students to be in-school during exam week, either for a revision session or simply to maintain coursework and assessment obligations, then this will be a separate conversation that individual subject teachers will have with their students in coming weeks.

Term 2 – Uniform – Skirts
Now that we are all into winter uniform can I ask those of you with daughters to please check the length of skirts? Whilst I have no wish to get in to nitpicking about specific lengths above or below the knee I think we can all recognise when a skirt is not hanging correctly, or is too revealing. We will, of course, speak to girls about this but your help is much appreciated; thank you.

With warm wishes for the weekend ahead.

Yours sincerely,

P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles

CFP 12 May 2017