Comment from the Principal – 22nd September 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

The term is over and the holidays (or study leave for our ATAR students) have begun. I am sure that, for many, sleep will be a priority to start with but, as we explored in Chapel, I hope, too, that the chance to recreate in a myriad of ways will also be possible. We are blessed with so many opportunities here in Esperance to do so.

Year 12

Our ATAR students have just completed their subject revision seminars which I hope they found useful. Certainly from my point of view (as an ATAR teacher) it was good to have two sizable periods of time to prepare students for their mock exams. Whilst on this topic a reminder of the following details about these and the first two weeks of Term 4.

Friday 6 th October
0845 ATAR English mock examination at School

Term 4 (Week 1)

  • ATAR Mock exam week
  • ATAR students on study leave and NOT required to be in School.
  • General students NOT required to be in School.
  • Teachers of General subjects have been advised to negotiate with individual students (or classes) should they require them to come in due to their risk of not completing coursework requirements.
  • Teachers of ATAR subjects will be available by appointment for their students.

Term 4 (Week 2)

  • ALL Students back in school
  • Normal timetable
  • Feedback on exams
  • Finalising all coursework requirements
  • Students to receive their ‘Course of Study Completion Form’ which MUST be signed off by the teacher of each subject
  • Final official day for all Year 12 students is Thursday 19 October
  • Year 12 students to receive Statement of Results Thursday 19 October

Forthcoming Events

  • Friday 6th October – ATAR English mock exam (at School)
  • Monday 9th October – 0840 - School restarts for all students – summer uniform may be worn - ATAR mock exams (Parish Centre, Andrew Street)
  • Tuesday 10th October – 1300 Mince Masters final
  • Wednesday 11th/Thursday 12th October - Kate Stannard of AISWA - Staff Professional development - subject-specific in small groups. School as normal.
  • Thursday 19th October - Kalgoorlie - Girls AFL for Years 8-10 (note change of date)
  • Thursday 19th October – Final day for all Year 12 students
  • Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October – Esperance Show. School closed on Friday 20th

School Ball

Looking further ahead I have had discussions with colleagues about the timing of the Ball next year. Whilst no date will ever be perfect we do consider the pattern that has existed to be less than ideal and so have considered a number of options. One strong possibility is to hold the Ball near the end of November when ATAR exams have finished: this would give a celebratory focus to the end of the year. If you do have any thoughts about this idea please let me know so that we can begin planning or looking at other options.


Our Year 11 biologists enjoyed a morning of conservation work at Lake Monjinup, and it was good that our students also attended the Youth Advisory Committee, and a seminar on resilience.

Office Hours

The School Office will be open from 0900 to 1500 each working day during the vacation with the exception of Wednesday 27th September, Friday 29th September and Wednesday 4 th October. If you do need to purchase items of uniform please make an appointment in advance.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful break, along with safe travels.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles

CFP 22 September 2017