Top tips for balancing exam preparation during the school holidays

Top tips for balancing exam preparation during the school holidaysTop tips for balancing exam preparation during the school holidays

With exams fast approaching, balancing exam preparation during the school holidays will be a top priority for our Senior students. For some, the temptation to procrastinate and avoid study over the holiday period will be inevitable. While many others will be inclined to work through their study commitments without taking a break.

Study during this holiday period is important. However, students need to return from a holiday break with a renewed sense of vigour and feel refreshed. So it’s important that our students strike the right balance between a healthy study schedule and some periods of relaxation.

With ATAR exams just around the corner, it is important that we consider the most appropriate way, for senior students in particular, to spend their holidays.

Here are our top tips for balancing exam preparation during the school holidays:

  1. Break the day into three parts: Allocate a routine around three parts - recreation, study and sleep. These sets don’t necessarily need to be taken in solid blocks.
  2. Allow your body clock to continue its normal school day schedule: It is easier to maintain a healthy study schedule if you rise at the same time each day. You can also accomplish more in a day by getting up early, as this will allow more time for study and recreation.
  3. Determine how much daily study is enough: We recommend you maintain the pattern of the school day, with five to six hours dedicated to study each day.
  4. Planning study breaks is key: Develop a study schedule to assist you with planning your study during the holidays. Study is more likely to be achieved if it is planned for.
  5. Share your study plans with family members: That way they are aware of when you are intending to study which will allow you to optimise your time. It also means family members can make plans around your study commitments, as well as enquire about your progress in a particular subject.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team encourage and inspire students to reach their full academic potential and to become the best they can be. Esperance Anglican Community School is dedicated to helping our students flourish. If you or your child have a question about his/her study schedule for the holiday period, be sure to speak to their Head Teacher before the end of term.

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