Comment from the Principal – 3rd November 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

My comment comes attached to the School newsletter which conveys much of what has occurred recently; however a few points from me would not go amiss.

PFA Gardening Busy Bee

It has been so encouraging to see the ‘greening’ of our new beds, with the work of our Year 11s on their kitchen garden project being complemented by the planting work of the PFA last Sunday. Reticulation will be installed and a Viburnum hedge is being planned for the raised area behind the basketball/netball court.


In conjunction with Netball WA and EACS becoming an accredited netball specialist school, we are now running a NetSetGo Hub for young students aged from 5 to 10 years old. This programme is designed to introduce young players to the game of netball; it incorporates the skills through various games and modified games. Integrating both our status as a Netball Specialist School and Big Picture we have two of our fabulous Year 11 students running this course: Tylah Kennedy and Ayla Rae-Anthonysz. We have a very encouraging 24 enrolments for Term 4 and hopefully more in Term 1 next year.

Digital Citizenship

Some parents are aware, through the regrettable involvement of their children, of a recent breach in our network security protocols by students, using a virtual private network (VPN) to circumvent our internet security procedures. As part of the consequences of this serious breach those students involved had to complete a series of worksheets on digital security (devised by the Australian Government for schools to use). One part of these asked students to log the hours they spend on social media and I was, I confess, shocked by the findings: in the group of 20-plus students the average time spent on social media each week was 14.5 hours, which is over two hours per day. This cannot be healthy. We will certainly be reviewing how we approach the teaching of digital citizenship but I am sure that you, too, would like to speak with your children to ensure that you are comfortable with the amount of time spent on-line.


ATAR examinations started on Wednesday in the Parish Centre and we wish all candidates involved the success they deserve as they go through this arduous process. It is good to be using, for the second year, our ‘own’ venue and I am so grateful to the Parish Council of St. Andrew’s Church for allowing us to use this excellent facility.

School examinations start next week: on Monday for Years 7 to 10, and on Thursday for Year 11.


Again, we had our service led for us this week, in fine style, by our students, this time from Goldsworthy. They gave a very entertaining and relevant message about how we can use and develop our talents by getting students to show their own skills in dance, music, sport and comedy.Whilst it would be good to have our own Chaplain it is heartening to see and hear how our
own community can support the mission of our Anglican School in this way. One of our parents, Mr Steve Wallace, talked to us last week about Samson and how we all have the strength within us to develop our talents to the full.

Year 11 Pro-Prefects

All Year 11s are, as in previous years, involved in the smooth running of the School by performing a range of duties, taking over from the Year 12 Prefects who have done such a sterling job.
I am giving Year 11students specific leadership training each week prior to them being involved in the organisation and running of Transition Day. Elections will follow soon thereafter with all students and staff having a vote.

The School Ball

Speaking of voting, I must apologise for the abortive attempt to use SEQTA Poll to garner views from Year 11 and 12 students and staff about the most suitable time to hold the Ball next year. The erratic operation of the poll did not allow views to be expressed so I will send out shortly another poll using Google Forms which has worked well before. I encourage all Year 11 and 12 parents and students to take part.

Exit Surveys

We will also be sending out, in due course, a survey for all departing (or departed) students and their parents to complete to give us some pointers about developing the School further.


You will see in the full newsletter details of the Yearbook which is now in the final stages of editing. This is a fantastic achievement as it has been a senior-student initiative, although with able guidance from Mrs Sharelle Walter. Full details will be available shortly but please keep the purchase of this publication in mind.

As always the School Calendar on SEQTA, and the website, gives up-to-date information but a summary may be helpful:

The Week Ahead

Week 5 – Jackman on Duty
Monday 6th November – School exams start for Years 7 to 10 (until Thursday 9th)
Thursday 9th – School exams start for Year 11 (until Friday 17th)
Friday 10th – Jackman House Chapel Service

Forthcoming Events

Monday 13th November – Mid-term Holiday – School closed
Wednesday 18th – School Council meeting
Tuesday 21st – Year 10 Big Picture meeting
Wednesday 22nd – School attends ‘The Arrival’ at the Civic Centre (letter has already been sent)
Thursday 23rd – School Surf Competition and in evening musical soiree (invitation will follow)
Friday 24th – Transition Day for Year 6 students
Monday 27th – Year 11 Outdoor Education Expedition (until 1st December)


Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th – GSSSAA Athletics Carnival in Albany
Tuesday 5th – Visit by the Chief Executive of the Anglican Schools Commission, Revd. Peter Laurence, OAM
Tuesday 5th – 1800 Graduation Dinner for Year 12 and parents (and attended by Revd. Laurence)
Wednesday 6th – Inter-House Beach Volleyball Competition
Thursday 7th – Last day of School
- 1830 Awards Night in the Civic Centre

I trust that you will all be able to have a restorative and enjoyable weekend.

With every good wish.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles