How to find the right balance between sport and study

How to find the right balance between sport and study

Sport is a feature of student life at EACS. Many skills including teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship and striving for success are learnt from an involvement in sport, as well as improved cognition and other areas of brain function. Sport can also be an outlet for stress relief, particularly during exam study times; a healthy social interaction; and valuable for maintaining friendships. It’s important that young people find the right balance between sport and study.

In many ways, sport is the training ground for some of life’s biggest lessons.

Despite the benefits, it can be challenging for parents and students to find the right balance between sport and study, particularly as students’ progress through school.

Here are some suggestions to find the right balance between sport and study:

  • Set study and sporting commitments: At the start of the year, sit with your child and review all academic and extracurricular activities for the year to establish the priorities. This will set expectations early and can be referred to if the balance isn’t being met.
  • Communicate the priorities with all parties: Be clear with all parties (teachers, coaches, clubs and the School) as to your child’s priorities and what can be achieved.
  • Make a study plan:Helping your child to make a study plan that includes time for sport can help them to manage their time, and make the most of it, i.e. using travel time for study/reading.
  • Measure its success: A plan is only effective if it works, so be vigilant and watch for any signs that your child isn’t coping with the demands of their sporting and study commitments.

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