Top 5 tips to create a positive study environment

Top 5 tips to create a positive study environment

Many students complete a lot of their study at home which is why it is vital to create a positive study environment at home. This is the first step to ensure your child makes the most of their study time and avoids distraction.

Here are our top 5 tips to create a positive study environment:

  1. Have a dedicated study space: A home study or bedroom are often the best options. They tend to be quiet areas, away from social spaces like the kitchen or living areas which tend to be noisy. Ensure the space is well lit, comfortable and well ventilated, but not cold.
  2. Have a study plan: Plan study time carefully. The plan should include time for study of all subjects, rest periods, co-curricular activities and dinner time. After every 50 minutes of study there should be a 10-minute break. Use the break to get some fresh air, grab a snack or chat with family members. The plan should be shared with family members so they can plan outings around it.
  3. Get organised: Make sure the desk has sufficient space. Minimise clutter - it keeps the mind focussed. Organise subject notes in clearly marked folders so they are ready to go when that subject’s allocated study time arises.
  4. Enlist family support: Your family can help you stay on track, encourage you when motivation is low and provide positive reinforcement. Simple things like making sure dinner is served at the allocated time; driving you to and from school or co-curricular activities so that you can maximise your study time; or helping you with revision can all make a significant difference to your productivity and mood.
  5. Avoid distractions: This is imperative if you are to follow the study plan and accomplish what you have set out. Distractions include television, radio, social media, other family members and even food. Store mobile phones and tablet devices away from study areas. Avoid music with lyrics and don’t use headphones as they can hinder the retention of information.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team encourage and inspire students to reach their full academic potential and to become the best they can be. Esperance Anglican Community School is dedicated to helping our students flourish through open parent/teacher communication. If you have a question about the exams, study areas or how to manage stress during exams, be sure to speak to your teacher.

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