The gift of an EACS education

The gift of an EACS education

With the school year having come to a close, we reflect on the last five years of our departing Year 12s, whose Head Girl, Yasmin Austen, and Head Boy, Cameron Williams, summed up what the School is about in their end of year speeches at Awards Night.

They spoke of the speed of the last five years, and how, now that they have gone, “Mr Kerr can finally say he’s been here longer than any of the students.”

More importantly, they reflected on the “phenomenal time” they had, and the abundance of opportunity extended to them at EACS, including Country Week, work experience in Perth, an outdoor education camp in Margaret River, football in Kalgoorlie, climbing Bluff Knoll, and Rose, “the source of great toasties, Anzacs and unforgettable warmth.”

Head Boy Cameron captured it perfectly when he said, “the vast array of opportunities we have been able to experience have helped shape who we are today. That is the gift of an EACS education - the belief that participation has more value than just being in it to win it.”

Head Girl Yasmin continued, “this year we have been privileged to represent the School as Head Girl and Head Boy, giving us the opportunity to get involved in the School community and make a difference.”

Yasmin reminisced of regularly helping out at Breakfast Club, organising various charity dress up days and completing the 40-hour famine - where her shelter blew away in the very early hours of the morning.

Memorable moments of their five years included the School hosting its first Japanese exchange group and photo mashups in Year 8 multimedia.

Heartfelt thanks went to the staff, Principal, Mr Kerr and their parents and guardians for their continued support and guidance through high school.

The Head Girl and Boy ended with some words of wisdom to remaining cohorts, “as you tackle the pimples, peer pressure and exam stresses that high school brings, you may want to speed through it as fast as you can. Get to the good stuff like tax, rent and even longer working hours than school. Instead we suggest that you sit back, breathe and take in the good things that adolescence brings. As Ferris Bueller once said - Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

As a School, we are committed to promoting high standards in all that we do through positive, proactive encouragement. We could not be prouder of this year’s prefects, who led with honour and integrity. We wish them, and their entire cohort every success for the future.

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