Principal’s Comment 15th June 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

A week of sunshine and showers has not stopped our activity.

Cross Country

There was a lot of this around the site when we held the inter-House Cross Country Competition. We made the move on-site because of indifferent weather but the course proved to be a challenging and interesting one. Although we had our core group of runners producing some good times it was also very good to see the whole school involved, and seeing the site from a different perspective. Results were as follows:

Goldsworthy 144 points
Jackman 104 points
Wood 80 points

Our best runners now go on to take part in the inter-Schools event next Friday, which will be run (weather permitting) over the Twilight Beach course. Those selected are:

Year 7- 9 Boys:

  • Riley Wandel
  • Tyler Berry
  • Regan Mott
  • William Wildberger
  • Joshua Holberton
  • Ethan Rossiter

Year 7- 9 Girls

  • Madison Maitland
  • Amber Patupis-Retsas
  • Zara Riggs
  • Eloise Fels
  • Yasmin Nadason
  • Lauren Ware


Our ‘Good Standing’ policy has settled-in very well with many commendations being logged and far fewer strikes, detentions and behaviour cards being issued. It was, therefore, very pleasing to be able to present as awards as follows

Hannah Ietto
Pearl Mitchell

Aussie of the Month
Callum Magagnotti
Mikaela Muir
Hannah Ietto
Kyra Morris
Lachlan Kerr

Year 10 Work Experience – Perth and Esperance

Just a reminder that a date has now been agreed for this activity which, again, will also include a visit to the universities in Perth for Year 11 students: Week 3 of Term 4, 22nd to 29th October. Of course, more details will be circulated nearer the time but if you have any questions please contact Mrs Lisa Marquis at

Mental Health Presentation

Insights is a 30-minute presentation educating students on signs and symptoms of mental illness, how to seek help, and how to support friends.

Students will attend the presentation at the following times:

  • Years 9&10 from 1000 – 1050
  • Years 7&8 from 1110 – 1200
  • Years 11&12 from 1405 – 145

Scholarships and Bursaries

You may be interested to learn of our scholarships and bursaries for entry to the School in 2019 (or, exceptionally, this year. Scholarships are only available to new entrants but bursaries are available to both existing and new students.

Key Dates:

Early June Scholarships and bursaries are advertised
16th July Applications close
Late July Scholarship examinations and interviews with applicants as required
Late July Offers of scholarships and bursaries are made

What are Scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded to those students with significant ability and provide partial remission of the School’s tuition fees for the period of the scholarship. Not all categories of scholarships may be awarded. Scholarships are not awarded to students who are currently attending Esperance Anglican Community School.

A range of Scholarships may be awarded:

  • Academic Scholarships may be offered to students who have a high level of academic ability as demonstrated in a scholarship examination, through current school reports and via a Principal’s reference
  • Expressive Arts Scholarships may be offered to students who display a high level of artistic, dramatic or musical talent, and who have performed or exhibited in the public arena with some success. Applicants will be required to have an audition, or present a portfolio as part of the selection process. In any year where there are a large number of applicants it may not be possible to audition all applicants, or see portfolios, in which case applicants will be selected for audition, or portfolio viewing based on the information provided on the application form, and the needs of the School’s programmes in the expressive arts. Ability will also be judged through current school reports, and a Principal’s reference.
  • Sports Scholarships may be offered to students who display a high level of talent in sport which would normally involve representation at State level. Applicants will be required to undergo a demonstration of their sporting prowess, and ability will also be assessed through current school reports, and a Principal’s or coach’s reference
  • General Excellence Scholarships may be offered to students who have a school record which demonstrates a capacity to benefit from the total programme of the school in studies, sport, the arts and service activities. Ability will be judged through a scholarship examination, current school reports, and a Principal’s reference.

What are Bursaries?

Bursaries provide partial remission of school tuition fees for students who have the potential to contribute to School life but who may not otherwise be in a position to attend a private school due to the family’s financial circumstances.

Forthcoming Events

The term is rattling along to its conclusion so a few dates to keep you informed.

Week 8

Monday 18th June Presentations on mental health and wellbeing by the Black Dog Institute
Wednesday 20th Volleyball clinics
Thursday 21st 1330 Matinee of School Production for EACS and primary schools
Friday 22nd Inter-Schools Cross Country Competition
Friday 22nd 1830 School Production

Further Ahead

Sunday 24th Country Week departs
Monday 25th to Friday 29th Mallee Muster Swim Camp students staying in McVay
Friday 29th Final Day of School
Monday 16th July Staff professional development day – Student-free day
Monday 16th July to Tuesday 24th July Year 9 Canberra Camp (programme at School for non participants)
Tuesday 17th 0840 Normal school resumes for all students
Saturday 21st School Ball

I hope that the forthcoming weekend will be a good one

With every good wish.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles