Principal’s Comment 1st June 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

I returned from ASC meetings in Victoria and New South Wales (which included visits to three schools there) buoyed-up by what I saw because it confirmed that what we do here matches the quality of bigger and longer-established schools. I noted, in particular, that the general standard of dress, appearance and bearing of our students was of a more pleasing standard. This is heartening but it was also good to recognise how good ASC schools are.

Founders’ Day – Wednesday 6th June

I know that we will be able to display what we are about in clear fashion at our Founders’ Day celebrations next week. If you have not yet replied to the invitation that has been sent to you it would be appreciated if you could so as soon as possible (RSVPs are due today). School will operate at the normal times but the formal part of the day starts with the service in the Civic Centre at 1100, followed by lunch for parents and guests, provided by the Parents and Friends Association. Students and staff will return to School by bus (as they will have travelled in the morning) for lunch to be ready to welcome our visitors, from the ASC in Perth, for tours of the School in the afternoon.

Obviously, we will want to create the most favourable impression so could I seek your help to ensure that your sons and daughters arrive to School on Wednesday 6th properly attired, with clean and tidy uniform and a smart appearance. Shoes often look shabby so there will be several students who need to apply polish to make the shoes black rather than greyish-white; hair also needs to be washed and in-line with our expectations. These are little things but they make such a difference to how we are perceived and, in any case, this is one for the few special occasions when we can really shine and get pleasure from doing so. Thank you for your help and I look forward to welcoming many of you to the Civic Centre on Wednesday.

New Sport Uniform Guidelines

Whilst on the topic of uniform and appearance we have decided to try to simplify the arrangements for sport. These new guidelines take effect from Tuesday 5th June; students have been advised.
In essence, students may remain in sports uniform on days when they have PE, or the following listed classes:

Monday (Year 7&8 PE, Specialist Tennis and Specialist Netball)
Tuesday (Year 12 Outdoor Education, Volleyball Country Week team)
Wednesday (no concessions)
Thursday (Year 12 Physical Education Studies, Year 9&10 PE, Specialist Tennis and Netball)
Friday (Year 11 Outdoor Education)

For all other scheduled practices students are to change in to the correct kit at the start of the lesson or practice and change back into school uniform at the end of it. We will see how this works and review at the end of term: please let me have any feedback on this initiative at that time.

Big Picture

Members of the School Council had the opportunity recently to meet with Big Picture students and talk with them about their projects. It was so encouraging to hear the very positive comments made by Council members in response to their discussions with the students, who really impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Chapel and Service

Our students in Year 9 also shone when they conducted a well-thought-out service on the broad theme of doing good for others. Mrs Shipp and her ‘crew’ deserved the praise they received for giving us food for thought, in an enjoyable and understandable way.

Mrs Shipp is also speaking with students about the new service-learning record book and how it can be used to log hours of community service. She has already spoken with students in Years 8 and 9, and will do so next week with Years 7 and 10.

Parents, too, play their part in service learning and the busy bee on Sunday was a notable example of muscular service. A vast quantity of mulch was spread around and numerous plants given a permanent home, with the result that the grounds look splendid. I am genuinely touched by the commitment shown by so many of our parents in supporting the life and work of the School in this and other ways.

Garden Opening

This same feeling also emerged during the opening of the gardens, masterminded by Mrs Shipp and her independent living class. It really was a marvellous occasion with a good group of guests enjoying the hospitality laid on by the students, in the convivial setting of the new gardens. Music provided by the band added to the occasion, as did the informal beach volleyball game. We are yet to add a gazebo, which will have a base of bricks, we hope all named as part of the PFA’s Pavers initiative. That some of the students were in their pajamas – which raised $240 for the Ball – meant that there was also a sense of fun apparent.

Canberra Camp

A reminder that forms do need to be handed-in as soon as possible. Fund-raising for this received a boost with a donation of $1,500 from Southern Ports, for which we are very grateful.

Netball Specialist Programme

This has been running successfully under the leadership of Mrs Sharelle Walter, with a tournament in Kalgoorlie giving the chance to judge the progress made. Our teams won four of their matches, with close games in those which victory eluded us. Georgie Beasley was judged the ‘Most Valuable Player’ in the senior team and Eloise Fels in the juniors.

Meeting for Parents and Students in Years 10, 11 and 12

Thanks to those parents who attended this meeting. The presentation on pathways after school given by Mrs Lisa Marquis will be made available on SEQTA as it provides a wealth of helpful information about the possibilities.

Staff News

Happily, Mrs Rose Weckert, our Canteen Manager, is due to return to work next week. I am most grateful to Mrs Sharon Spain, Mrs Delcia Hubble, Mrs Annie Smith and Ms Myrtle Endley for stepping-in so willingly, and ably, to take-over and keep us well-fed and watered.

Forthcoming Events

Although I aim to keep the calendar as up-to-date as possible the following list may be helpful in your planning.

Week 6

Sunday 3rd June Swimming Competition
Monday 4th Mid-Term Holiday – SCHOOL CLOSED
Wednesday 6th 1100 Founders Day and buffet lunch (invitations have been sent)
Thursday 7th to Friday 8th Year 12 Outdoor Education Camp
Further Ahead
Monday 11th Big Picture Exhibitions commence
Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th Junior Boys’ AFL
Tuesday 12th 0900 Open Morning
Wednesday 13th Universities’ visit
Thursday 14th Inter-House Cross Country
Saturday 16th School Production
Thursday 21st Matinee of School Production for EACS and primary schools
Friday 22nd School Production
Sunday 24th Country Week departs
Monday 25th to Friday 29th Mallee Muster Swim Camp students staying in McVay
Friday 29th Final Day of School

I do hope that you will enjoy the long weekend for which good wishes.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles