Principal’s Comment 13th July 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

I very much hope that you were all, in some measure, able to enjoy the school holidays and that your offspring are now somewhat restored after a very busy conclusion to a short term.

‘The Next Big Thing’

Of course, one of the great outcomes of this busyness was the School production: I am sure that all of us who saw the production of ‘The Next Big Thing’ would agree that it was a real triumph of writing, production and performance. Ms Lyndel Taylor and her team of Ms Georgia Gregory, Mrs Mandie Abbott, Mr Blair Castelli, Mr Phil Shelton, Ms Myrtle Endley and Mrs Ilka McKeown (amongst many others) did a remarkable job in inspiring our students to new heights, and I was so proud and pleased with the results. The students will have learned much of value from their preparation and performance, as well as enjoying the whole experience. As the School community we are in Ms Taylor’s debt for what she has achieved, nor should we should underestimate the significant positive impact this production has achieved within the wider community of Esperance. A wonderful way to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary and a testament to the breadth of opportunity on offer here.

Country Week

Another example of the commitment of our community – staff, students and parents – was afforded by our participation in Country Week, ably organised by Mrs Lisa Marquis. I am sure that many of you will have seen comments in the local media about our successes but it is, I think, worth repeating them here. Our girls’ volleyball team was undefeated and so came first in their division; the boys’ team played in the highly competitive, more senior ‘B’ Division, and came seventh, beating ESHS in the process; netball came second, losing first place in the closely contested
grand final; dance did very well to come sixth out of 12 schools (of all sizes) in total; basketball was third and soccer fifth. The dedication of the teams and the coaching staff in preparation for the week certainly paid-off and contributed to the success (in all respects) of the week. In addition to Mrs Marquis, thanks are also due to Mrs Laura Thompson, Mrs Sharelle Walter, Ms Tian Della Vedova, Mrs Mandie Abbott, Mr Blair Castelli and Mr Peter Grobler.


A reminder that, to help my colleagues make final preparations for the registration visit later this term, we will need to undertake a day of professional development: accordingly, please note that Friday 17th August will be a student-free day. I do not take such a step lightly and I hope that the early notification of this day will help to ease any difficulties this may cause. Parents of boarders will be contacted by Mr Nathan Abbott to confirm detailed arrangements but, as it is the weekend of mid-term, I think you can plan for an extended weekend break for those of you with children who board.

Scholarships and Bursaries

A reminder of our scholarships and bursaries for entry to the School in 2019 (or, exceptionally, this year. Scholarships are only available to new entrants but bursaries are available to both existing and new students. Full details are available on our website or from Reception.

Key Dates:
16th July Applications close
Late July Scholarship examinations and interviews with applicants as required
Late July Offers of scholarships and bursaries are made

The School Ball

It has been heartening to witness the unassuming but effective commitment of the students’ Ball Committee in organising (under the careful guidance of Ms Cheryl Bottrell) this year’s formal event. The committee went shopping earlier in the week and the PFA met to organise their involvement; the Pink Lake Golf Club has also been very helpful in their preparations for our event. I am sure that this will be a great success, not least because of the involvement of so many within our community.

Forthcoming Events

As always, I append a few key dates to keep you apprised of events in the weeks ahead.

Week 1
Monday 16th July Staff professional development day – Student-free day
Monday 16th July to Tuesday 24th July Year 9 Canberra Camp (Big picture programme at School for non-participants)
Tuesday 17th 0840 Normal school resumes for all students
Saturday 21st School Ball

Week 2
Thursday 26th Volleyball tournament tbc

Week 3
Thursday and Friday 2nd to 3rd August Year 11 Outdoor Education hike

Week 4
Friday 10th School photographs

Week 5
Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th Music Festival
Thursday 16th to Friday 17th WA Surf Carnival
Friday 17th Student-free day

Week 6
Monday 20th Mid-Term holiday – School closed

I hope that you will all enjoy the final weekend of the holidays and that the term ahead will be a fulfilling and enjoyable one.

With every good wish.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles