Alumni post: 5 exam study tips from Max Bosworth

Alumni post: 5 exam study tips from Max Bosworth5 exam study tips from Max Bosworth

Exam season has arrived at EACS. It is an important time of year that requires a healthy dose of focus and dedication from all those students taking part. Whilst exam time isn’t exactly the most enjoyable period in our lives, it is most certainly a significant time of year. However, exams and exam study need not be a painful experience. Effective preparation and good use of time can put you in good stead when exams comes around and help relieve stress when the pressure is on. It is also worth reminding your children that others have gone before them and made it through unscathed. Max Bosworth is a recent graduate of EACS and currently attends the University of Western Australia, studying Music and Japanese. He has kindly taken the time to assemble a list of some study strategies they used in Year 12, to effectively prepare for their exams.

Here are 5 exam study tips from Max:

  1. Structure your time
    “I studied in 30-minute blocks using the timer on my phone. When 30 minutes was up, I’d stop and colour a square on grid paper with a colour that corresponded with a subject. Then I’d go on my phone, eat something or relax for 10 minutes, then start again.”
  2. Use video content
    “I used YouTube to study via crash course videos and listening to other people’s views on the topic. I would then use a whiteboard or paper to explain the idea as if I was explaining it to someone else.”
  3. Collate your notes
    “Keeping neat folders with lots of paper, full of class notes and chapter or idea summaries helped as well. The notes should be really short and dot pointed. Drawing random pictures to remember ideas also helps. I would read through them often.” 
  4. Don’t forget to relax
    “I would also remember to give myself some relaxation time, like watching movies at night whilst doing my art project or working through practice tests.”
  5. Think of the future
    “I think it’s also important to tell yourself ‘in x amount of days it’ll all be over’. When you’re super stressed about exams just tell yourself ‘this time next week I’ll have finished my exams’. That really helped me with the stress.”

Effective study habits take time to develop and these creative tips from one of our own alumni can help your child to not only survive exam time, but thrive. If you would like to find out more about EACS, sign up to our enewsletter.