Choosing a school for your child can be a challenging process. In Esperance we are fortunate to have a choice of high school education. Esperance Anglican Community School offers a unique approach to education providing a caring, Christian environment that nourishes heart, head and hands.

We offer genuine breadth and avoid premature specialisation, to give students the chance to grow and develop their talents over time. Whether a student intends to go to university, begin employment or follow another path, we can provide the education they need to achieve their goals.

We believe that our tight-knit community makes us special. We embrace individuality whilst achieving an overall sense of unity. There is palpable sense of enjoyment present within our campus. EACS really is the place to live and learn in the heart of Esperance.

Student Testimonials

I like the community-based life and how accepting the students and teachers are of each other. I also like the fact that you can have many pursuits to occupy you, such as playing in the Band and participating in sport.

The thing I most enjoyed whilst at School was my little Band-family of students and teachers who got me through some tough times. I cannot thank them enough.

EACS has so many co-curricular activities in which we are able to participate; I especially loved the outdoor education camps and expeditions. The teachers are so friendly.

I was most happy during my time at EACS when I was involved in the music, especially the Band.

The aspect that made me happiest about the School was how friendly the teachers were.

The smaller classes were good so that everyone could be friends. This helped my learning.

I think the most positive aspect of my time at EACS was the friends I made.

I liked being involved in producing the Year Book and with charity events.

I loved being involved in sport, especially at Country Week.