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Principal’s Comment 12th October 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

The first week of the summer term has passed with remarkable speed, helped, perhaps, by the relaxed atmosphere engendered by the good weather we have enjoyed. Maybe summer is not far off?

Summer Uniform

Speaking of the seasons, students are expected to now wear summer uniform but, as is customary, there will be the usual three-week transition period when either summer or winter uniform may be worn.

The facts about teenagers and body image

The facts about teenagers and body image

Teenagers and young people in general have always struggled with body image. Some of the biggest and most noticeable changes our bodies go through, happen in our pre-teen and teen years when we hit puberty. Everybody goes through puberty at different times and everyone’s body is unique, and for a self-conscious teen just looking to fit in, that’s a lot to deal with.