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5 backyard experiments to encourage a love of science

Five backyard experiments to encourage a love of science

Science plays an increasingly vital role in our lives. It helps us to understand the world, drives innovation and new technology and promotes environmental conservation and positive change. Science also harnesses a child’s natural curiosity and so enhances a zest for learning that can be applied across all subject areas.

Principal’s Comment 10th August 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

A week of wet and windy weather has certainly created a frisson of energy and activity in the week just past.

The School Photograph

The weather certainly contributed to the variety inherent in a photo day, with an attempt at a whole-school photo outside abandoned as the wind and hail overcame even the most stalwart souls.

Principal’s Comment 3 August 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

August already and some wintry weather the likes of which I left Scotland to avoid! Nonetheless it has not detracted from the many good things that can be recognised in our community.

Canberra Camp

One of these ‘good things’ were the experiences gained on the Canberra camp, which were documented on SEQTA in the daily ‘blog’. Both Ms Gregory and Mr Clayton (to whom thanks are due for running the trip) waxed lyrical about the responsible and engaged behaviour of the Year 9 students, who enjoyed a richly varied programme.

Principal’s Comment 13th July 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

I very much hope that you were all, in some measure, able to enjoy the school holidays and that your offspring are now somewhat restored after a very busy conclusion to a short term.

‘The Next Big Thing’

Of course, one of the great outcomes of this busyness was the School production: I am sure that all of us who saw the production of ‘The Next Big Thing’ would agree that it was a real triumph of writing, production and performance.

Why diversity matters!

Why diversity matters!

Celebrating diversity is second nature in schools. Beyond cultural, ethical and gender differences, we also see disparity in socioeconomic status, religion, personality and disabilities. As we well know, it is our differences that make us unique.