21st century learning tools for twenty-first century children

21st century children are digital students; students who live and learn differently to children even a few years ago; students who respond to the rapidly transmitted sights and sounds of the digital world. Students today are increasingly responding to sensory input differently. Recent studies are now showing that multi-sensory input helps students learn, retain and use information better.

Traditional classroom environments do not work in this way and students are becoming less engaged in lessons. Our School is committed to integrating technology into our teaching and learning programmes.

EACS has a 1:1 iPad program for all students which link with Apple TVs in all learning areas. A range of Apps are specified which help to support teaching and learning. Apple laptops are also available for senior students and we have a suite of iMacs available for whole-class use especially in multi-media. We have a clear plan in place for the continued development of the use of IT in teaching and learning and are confident that we will continue to be at the leading edge of this vital area.