Term 3

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcomes have been the order of the day recently: we welcomed all students and staff back to School after the break; we welcomed four new students to the School; and we welcomed our Japanese exchange students for their ten day stay here.


This year saw 25 students and two teachers from two high schools in Osaka travelling to Esperance on one of the wettest days of the year. The gloom of the weather was quickly dispelled by the warmth of welcome from host families helped by hot soup and rolls. Our guests were then whisked off to bed to prepare for the weekend and week ahead. They have certainly enjoyed a huge range of opportunities, both in School and with their host families, and have shown great enjoyment of them. Cooking, sport, origami, Stonehenge, the wildlife park and much more have all figured on their out-of school itineraries much to their delight. In School a variety of lessons, field trips, sport, drama, cooking and a walk from Cape Le Grande to Hellfire Bay have all been appreciated, with an afternoon tea to say a farewell. My thanks are due to the organiser, Mrs. Lisa Marquis, my colleagues and to the host families who have been generous in their hospitality.


This generosity of spirit, effort and time was evident in abundance in the PFA’s Family Fun Night organised so efficiently by Mrs. Jo King and her team. It was a most enjoyable evening and a great way to start the PFA’s involvement in such activities. I think it also helped our host families and their Japanese students to integrate and get involved.


Our guests also enjoyed spending time on biology field work which was planned by our senior students. Year 7 students also enjoyed a similar experience courtesy of SCNRM.

It was also good to welcome back to the School Black Swan Theatre Company representatives when they were down for the production of Blithe Spirit: they gave some 20 of our students a wonderful opportunity in the shape of a workshop.

Our Band played (sic) a fundamental role in the re-opening of the Parish Church of St. Andrew and the Archbishop was kind enough to recognise the importance of the link between the Church and the School. The Band is also now leading our singing worship in our weekly Chapel services which is allowing our students the chance to sing well, a most heartening development. Musically I am hoping to start a strings ensemble – please let me know if your child might be interested. It is also my wish to start a small choir and I will write later about this opportunity. Some of you may have heard of Optiminds which runs a series of challenges designed to stretch our students in a variety of different ways. We are due to run this programme within the School over this term and more details will follow in due course.


As you will see the Year 9 Canberra Camp went off very well indeed and my thanks are due to Mr. Clark, Mr. Newton, Ms. Bottrell and Ms. Simes for their organisation and running of such a valuable opportunity. Those students who could not attend were involved in a wonderfully varied, worthwhile and entertaining programme ably organised by Mrs. Natalie Shipp – all of their exploits are shown in full scope in this newsletter.

With my warm wishes.

Yours sincerely

P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles