Comment from the Principal – 16th June 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been a busy week as the term moves into its final stages but with much that is favourable on which to report.

Cross Country

We were blessed with fine conditions for the inter-house cross country races held, again, over the iconic Twilight Beach course. A good turnout and participation ensured that Goldsworthy triumphed with 107 points; Jackman were second with 82 and Wood third on 72; Harry Tobin led the field as the fastest runner. He and our other swift athletes will go on to represent the School in the inter-schools event to be held over the same course and organised by Ms Laura Salomone and Mr Blair Castelli, to whom thanks are due for their hard work in running the events. Thanks, too, to the overwhelming majority of parents who supported the School and their children in ensuring their attendance and participation in what is an important part of the holistic education that we provide.

Outdoor Education

These two members of staff, along with Mr Nathan Abbott, played a pivotal role in the two outdoor education camps held last week. Year 11 students canoed down the Young River and explored the Stokes Inlet, camping out there overnight. A quick turnaround and these intrepid members of staff then led the Year 12 students and boarders to Cape Le Grande: on this occasion the detailed planning and running of the programme was done by the outdoor education students as part of their course assessment. Happily all went well with fishing and trekking featuring, as well as an overnight camp.

Big Picture

Success, too, with the first Big Picture exhibition mounted by the Year 10 students who presented the work they have completed so far on their first projects. The evening - organised by Mrs Nicole Harris and Mrs Lisa Marquis - was attended by students, parents and staff who were favourably impressed by this first attempt at a key aspect of the assessment of work done in Big Picture. What impressed me was the way in which students were able to speak with enthusiasm and authority about their work and how the links with other parts of the curriculum were emerging. It is, sadly, not often that we get to see and hear of the work our young people do in School in such a way, and I know that this approach will develop in strength as we all become more familiar with the philosophy and structures of the programme. Although we are still in the nascent stages of this new curricular innovation it was good to have two of the senior officials from Big Picture with us confirming that we are progressing in the right way. We explored with them our wish to develop the programme in to both Years 9 and 11 next year: this will involve us training the very many staff keen to assist in this initiative and, of course, we will keep you posted as our plans develop. This said let me repeat that in developing Big Picture we are not abandoning the 'traditional' curriculum; academic rigour will not be lost and students will still be able to progress to either ATAR or General courses in Year 11.

Year 11 Options

Speaking of Year 11 and ATAR prompts me to let you know that we are putting the finishing touches to our plans for the Year 11 programmes next year and will be communicating the options to parents and students in Year 10 in the early part of next term. I will reiterate here that we do try to provide as wide a choice as possible and will always give serious consideration to any student who wishes to study ATAR courses. This said we must recognise that ATAR courses demand a very high level of commitment, which is not always understood, and assume a level of ability able to cope with its demands. ATAR is not for everybody and the General options we aim to provide next year will provide a very good and viable alternative. The whole process of course selection is treated seriously, and in a measured way, with consultation involving students, parents and staff a vital element.

Year 10 Parent-Teacher Meeting

On the theme of consultation this meeting takes place on Tuesday of the coming week, 20th June, from 1530. A link to the booking system has been sent to Year 10 parents and carers but if you have any issues please contact Reception. This occasion will provide helpful information and dialogue about the progress of students and it would be helpful if they attended along with you.


June 17th, 22nd and 23rd - 6.30pm at The Bijou
Please book online at but tickets are selling fast so book early to avoid disappointment

The Week Ahead
Week 9 Goldsworthy on duty

Sunday 19th June - 1100 Annual Parish Meeting
Tuesday 20th - 1530-1730 Year 10 Parent-Teacher Meeting
Wednesday 21st – 1715 PFA Meeting in Dempster 2
- 1800 Condingup Social
Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd June – 1830 Bugalugs performance at the Bijou
Friday 23rd - 1210 Goldsworthy lead Chapel

Events in prospect
Week 10 Jackman on duty

Country Week in Perth - all week. School will operate normally during the week. Friday 30th - 1210 Jackman lead Chapel

- Final day of School - the day ends as normal at 1500

School Vacation Saturday 1st July to Monday 17th July

Monday 17th July - Staff professional development day - no students in School
Tuesday 18th July - 0840 School starts for all students including Year 9s not on camp

With my warm wishes for the weekend.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles

CFP 16 June 2017