EACS parents give the School top marks

EACS parents give the School top marks

Parents at Esperance Anglican Community School have reported higher levels of school satisfaction in a nationwide parent opinion survey. The highest levels of satisfaction ere with School Environment and Technology and Resources. Overall, the School rated 7.7 percent higher than the national benchmark and 6.5 percent higher than the selected benchmark of Independent Schools within Australia.

Eighty percent of parents reported being happy with the learning opportunities at EACS, compared to a national mean of 70.5 percent. A further 89.4 percent thought that the School provides plenty of opportunities for all students to participate in co-curricular activities, compared with a national mean of 72.1 percent.

It is two years since the School last conducted this survey and we are pleased that satisfaction levels have improved by 7.7 percent overall since 2016.

According to the National School Surveys organisation, “Research indicates a strong positive correlation between parental satisfaction and a school’s operations. Parents’ perceptions of school climate are important in understanding ways to improve school quality and satisfaction among teachers and students.”

The parent opinion survey assessed nine key areas, benchmarking results against a sample of 10,000 parents representing a range of schools nationwide:

  1. Guidance and support
  2. School environment
  3. Teacher quality
  4. Curriculum
  5. Learning opportunities
  6. Personal development
  7. Parent communication
  8. Technology and resources
  9. Leadership and management

We celebrate the following results, compared with the national benchmark:

*percentages are EACS percentage above the national benchmark.


Leadership and management The school is well managed ‡ 21.9%*
Leadership and management There is effective leadership in the School. ‡ 21.6%
School Environment Students present themselves with pride ‡ 19.5%
Parent Communication I feel well-informed about school matters ‡ 18.4%
Learning Opportunities This school provides plenty of opportunities for all students to participate in co-curricular activities ‡ 17.3%
Learning Opportunities Class sizes are suitable for my child’s learning needs ‡ 17.2%
Parent Communication The staff who work in the front office are friendly and helpful towards parents ‡ 16.2%
Teacher Quality Teachers communicate with me regularly about my child’s progress ‡ 15.4%
School Environment This school is kept clean and tidy ‡ 13.7%



A strong school community with a positive environment empowers members of the school community to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the school and helps to eliminate negative behaviours.

Our school is a safe place where people can grow and develop, without fear or ridicule, to pursue activities to the highest possible standards. We are proud of the way our students, parents and staff have helped create a community that embraces individuality while achieving an overall sense of unity.

Our Christian education philosophy is core and provides a unique opportunity for students to be part of an active and nurturing school environment.

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