Principal’s Comment 14th September 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

We reach the end of the penultimate week with promises of spring in the air and equally positive things happening in the school.


Our annual inter-House Athletics Carnival was one such positive thing. It was an enjoyable affair helped by good weather and lots of support from the School community. Records tumbled in an event slickly organised by Mr Blair Castelli and his team, with Wood breaking the Goldsworthy stranglehold to lift the winning shield. Goldsworthy were runners-up and Jackman gained the bronze-medal slot.

Big Picture

Our Big Picture students excelled, too, at the information evening for the whole Esperance community. They gave an authentic indication of the significance of the Big Picture design for education in the 21st Century and impressed with the variety and quality of their work. We enjoyed speaking to a large gathering and ‘spreading the word’.


Other students have excelled in the last few weeks through our Aussie of the Month and commendation processes.

The following students gained Aussie of the Month awards for July and August:

Year 7 – Regan Mott
Year 8 – Kacie Goodman
Year 9 – Connor Fraser
Year 10 – Zowie Fiegert
Year 11/12 – Piumya Tissera

It was also pleasing to present commendations to the following:

Bronze (5 commendations)
Meghan Maguire
Madison Maitland
Caitlin Muir
Gemma Neilson
Jett Nelson

Silver (10 commendations)
Pearl Mitchell
Zara Riggs

Social Evening at Condingup

Mr and Mrs Abbott and I enjoyed a convivial evening at the Tavern in Condingup meeting existing and prospective parents over delicious food and drink provided by the Davey family. If you live in the Condi area but were unable to get to the social event The Tavern has details about the School.

PFA Committee Dinner

Equally enjoyable was the dinner held at the Loose Goose for the PFA Committee as a small token of the School’s thanks for the good work they do for us. I really enjoy working with this group and value their camaraderie and input to the life of the School.

Year 7 Science Exhibition

Mrs Williams has been doing some sterling work on ecosystems with her Year 7 science classes and is keen for them to show the outcomes of their work. The science exhibition will be running from 1300-1600 on Monday in DMP, Dempster 5 and Flinders 1. Students will be exhibiting the investigative work they have completed on their individual ecosystems. A diverse range of ecosystems have been investigated including marine environments, wetlands, farmland, bushland and backyards.

Sixty students will be attending from Esperance Primary School and twenty from Esperance Christian School. Students are setting up individual displays and are organising a question sheet for the visiting students to complete.

ATAR Revision Seminars

We do not underestimate the importance of our ATAR programme and, as in previous years, we have organised a series of revision seminars for our ATAR students, as part of their daily routine, in school over the next six days. Each course has up to five hours of intensive revision with the teacher covering revision content and techniques, and practice of exam questions. This programme should herald two weeks of solid revision during the break for our ATAR students: there is no holiday for them until the end of November and the completion of the exams!

End of Year for Year 12s

Whilst on the theme of ATAR and examinations, I thought that it might be helpful to remind you about the arrangements for the final two weeks of School, in Term 4, for our Year 12 students:

Week 1 - Monday 8th to Friday 12th October - ATAR mock exams in the Parish Centre, Andrew Street (these start on Friday 5th October with English to be held at the School that day). Students attend in uniform. There will be no formal lessons for Year 12 students but teachers will be available for revision and catch-up lessons – if students do attend School to see teachers they should do so in uniform please.

Week 2 - Monday 15th to Thursday 18th October (Esperance Show on Friday 19th) - all Year 12 students in School for review of the ATAR mock examination and for completion of General courses. Thursday 18th October is the final day of School for Year 12s but students cannot leave until course completion certificates have been signed-off. Year 12 VET and Big Picture students can remain at School during Term 4 to complete their courses, if necessary. Teachers will work with students to confirm if this will be necessary or desirable.


Mrs Lisa Stokes, our Finance and Administration Officer, would like to remind you that arrangements for settling fees by the end of the year need to be made. If there are any issues with this, please do not hesitate to get in-touch as we always seek to do what we can to assist. Thank you.

Forthcoming Events

Week 10

Monday 17th – 1300-1600 Year 7 Science Exhibition
Tuesday 18th – Girls’ AFL competition

  • Wildflower festival from 0900 to 1700 daily until Saturday 22nd

Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st – Wildflower Festival
Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th – 1230 to 1330 Musicians play at the Festival
Friday 21st – Final day of School

And further ahead…Next Term

Friday 5th October – ATAR mock exams start (timetable and arrangements will be published in due course) English will be held at the School on Friday 5th
Monday 8th – 0840 School starts for all students
and staff

  • ATAR mock exams continue at the Parish Centre

Friday 12th – ATAR mock exams end
Saturday 13th – SIDE oral exams at the School
Thursday 18th – Final Formal day of School for Year 12 students
Friday 19th – Esperance Show – School closed
Year 10 Work Experience Camp has been cancelled because of a lack of interest

I do hope that you will have good weekend.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles