Principal’s Comment 31st August 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Another week appears to have disappeared leading to the realisation that there are but three weeks left before the end of the term. Perhaps the level of activity helps to explain the rapid passage of time.

Call to Duty and ADF Visit

The first bit of good news is that the registration inspector, with whom my colleagues and I spoke at the end of last week, were more than satisfied with the documentation that we provided and the conversations we had to support this. As a consequence, they do not propose to pay us a visit. The next step is for their report to be submitted to the Department of Education for their review panel to decide on the registration period to be granted. As you can imagine we are very pleased with this news!

New South Wales Drought Appeal

It was touching for me to receive a deputation from our Year 9 students who were very concerned about the drought in New South Wales and the negative effects its was having on farmers there. They set about doing something to help and so congratulations are due to the students who did a marvellous job running Wednesday’s barbecue and 'Dress Like a Farmer Day'. Over $400 has been raised so far, which is very encouraging.

Differentiation in the Classroom

One of our goals for teaching and learning is to continue to develop different approaches in the classroom to help those with various challenges in their learning. Kate Stannard, from AISWA, spent a day here assessing current practices and then training my colleagues in approaches they might add to their teaching.

Educator Impact

Looking at differentiation forms one part of the whole staff review (appraisal) process which all staff (both teaching and support) go through every year, using a programme called Educator Impact. My colleagues are currently working through this process which involves both peer and student review and which has proved to be helpful in assisting us all to reinforce and develop our skills.

High Schools Volleyball Cup

As as School we have developed, over the last few years, our skills in this sport, with high levels of participation and skill being shown. Fresh from successes at Country Week two teams participated in the High Schools Cup in Perth, with our girls’ team ending up victorious and our boys’ team as runners-up, in a nail-bitingly close contest. Congratulations therefore to the following:

Demi-Lee Barker
Darby Smith
Shaj Varea
Mecheala Walding
Melody Franzone
Anna Taietti
Monique Patterson
Kasey Garvey
Drew Daw
Harry Tobin
Josh van Staden
Lachlan Kerr
Leif Fraser

Civic Service for Reverend Doug Murray OAM

I was pleased that our students were able to play a part in honouring Revd. Doug by participating, through Band and Choir, in the celebration of his life held at the Civic Centre earlier today. Mrs Ruth McIntyre and Revd. Sally Buckley did a magnificent job in organising the service, with which I am sure Revd. Doug would have been pleased.


During the course of a year my colleagues and I meet in small focus groups to discuss aspects of the School – noted in the School Plan – which we feel merit attention. One such topic is homework and so we have a focus group looking into this, with a view to formulating an approach to homework which we feel is relevant to EACS. Members of the group will be conducting extensive research of the literature and gathering views from students and colleagues; if you wish to let me have your thoughts in an email or note, these can also be incorporated into the deliberations. The aim would be to have a policy in place for the start of the new year, 2019.

Parent Handbook

We also wish to have a handbook for parents in-place for next year and a focus group is considering what might be included in such a document. Again, members of the group will be conducting extensive research of what other schools produce in this regard; if you wish to let me have your thoughts in an email or note, these can also be incorporated into the deliberations.

End of Year for Year 12s

I thought that it might be helpful to provide some clarification about the arrangements for the final two weeks of School, in Term 4, for our Year 12 students:

Week 1 - Monday 8th to Friday 12th October - ATAR mock exams in the Parish Centre, Andrew Street (these start on Friday 5th October). No formal lessons for Year 12 students but teachers will be available for revision and catch-up lessons – if students do attend School to see teachers they should do so in uniform please.

Week 2 - Monday 15th to Thursday 18th October (Esperance Show on Friday 19th) - all Year 12 students in School for review of the ATAR mock examination and for completion of General courses. Thursday 18th October is the final day of School for Year 12s but students cannot leave until course completion certificates have been signed-off. Year 12 VET and Big Picture students can remain at School during Term 4 to complete their courses, if necessary.

Forthcoming Events

Week 8

3rd to 7th September – Year 12 Outdoor Ed Camp in Pemberton area
Tuesday 4th – 1715 PFA Meeting at School
Wednesday 5th – 1645 ASC Schools’ Week Eucharist at St.George’s Cathedral in Perth
Friday 7th – 1900 ASC Schools’ Week Concert in Perth Concert Hall – members of the Band participating

And further ahead…

Tuesday 11th September – 1800 Boarding Social at Condingup Tavern
Wednesday 12th – Inter-house Athletics Carnival – full student attendance required
Wednesday 12th – 1730 – Big Picture Information evening at the Civic Centre – details to follow but also on website
Friday 14th to Sunday 16th – World Vision 40-Hour Famine event
Tuesday 18th – Girls’ AFL competition
Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st – Wildflower Festival
Friday 21st – Final day of School

Next Term

Friday 5th October – ATAR mock exams start (timetable and arrangements will be published in due course)
Monday 8th – 0840 School starts for al students and staff
Friday 12th – ATAR mock exams end
Saturday 13th – SIDE oral exams at the School
Thursday 18th – Final Formal day of School for Year 12 students
Friday 19th – Esperance Show – School closed

With warm wishes.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles