Principal’s Comment 12th October 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

The first week of the summer term has passed with remarkable speed, helped, perhaps, by the relaxed atmosphere engendered by the good weather we have enjoyed. Maybe summer is not far off?

Summer Uniform

Speaking of the seasons, students are expected to now wear summer uniform but, as is customary, there will be the usual three-week transition period when either summer or winter uniform may be worn.

If you have not yet purchased the summer uniform, please be aware that fittings are by appointment only – please contact Reception to arrange a time.


I was pleased to be able to present Certificates of Commendation to the following students:

Tylah Kennedy
Lachlan Kerr
Mikaela Muir
Amber Patupis-Retsas
Bella Walter

In addition Education Perfect awarded credit certificates to the following students for the excellence of their participation in this powerful learning application:

Luke Burnside
Hayley Fletcher
Codee Walter

Harry Dowsett

I was also very pleased to hear of the sporting success of one of our Year 10 students, Tamara Bepete. Playing for the Esperance Soccer Association’s under-15 team in a Country Week Competition he scored 17 goals and won the ‘Fairest and Best Player’ award.

I always take great pleasure in learning of such successes and in praising those concerned.

ATAR Mock Examinations

I hope my colleagues and I will be able to praise our ATAR candidates after their mock examinations. These were held in the Anglican Parish Centre, where the final ATAR examinations will also be held. We are truly grateful to St Andrew’s Church for allowing us to use this excellent facility, which gives our students the opportunity to complete their examinations in a sympathetic and appropriate environment. We hope the results will augur well for the real thing.

End of Year for Year 12s

Whilst on the theme of ATAR and examinations, I would remind you of the arrangements for the final week for Year 12 students.

Week 2 - Monday 15th to Thursday 18th October (Esperance Show on Friday 19th) - all Year 12 students in School for review of the ATAR mock examination and for completion of General courses. Thursday 18th October is the final day of School for Year 12s but students cannot leave until course completion certificates have been signed-off. Year 12 VET and Big Picture students can remain at School during Term 4 to complete their courses, if necessary. Teachers will work with students to confirm if this will be necessary or desirable.


Mrs Lisa Stokes, our Finance and Administration Officer, would like to remind you that arrangements for settling fees by the end of the year need to be made. If there are any issues with this, please do not hesitate to get in-touch as we always seek to do what we can to assist. Thank you.


I hope that a summary of key events will help with your planning but please remember that I also publish these in EACS Brekkie Bytes, and that they appear in the calendar on SEQTA and on the website.

Week 2

Sunday 14th – SIDE oral exams at the School
Monday 15th – Year 12 lead Chapel service
Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th – Big Picture mentoring of current BP staff
Tuesday 16th - 1715 - PFA Meeting in Dempster 2
Thursday 18th – Final Formal day of School for Year 12 students - Breakfast BBQ from 0800 and
beach lunch after fun games
Friday 19th – Esperance Show – School closed . The School will have its usual stand at the Show.

Further Ahead…

Monday 29th October- ATAR Examinations start in the Parish Centre
Wednesday 31st October - Basketball Competition in Kalgoorlie
Monday 5th to Friday 9th November - Year 10/11 Examinations
Monday 12th November - Mid-Term holiday - School closed
Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th November - Year 7 to 9 Examinations
Friday 16th November - Transition Day for Year 6 students
Monday 26th to Friday 30th November - Year 11 Outdoor Ed expedition
Monday 3rd December - Year 12 Leavers’ Dinner at School
Tuesday 4th December - GSSSSA Athletics Competition
Wednesday 5th December – 1830 - Awards’ Night - note date and time
Thursday 6th December - Beach Volleyball Carnival
Thursday 6th December - Final day of School for students
Friday 7th December - Staff training day – student-free day

As always, I hope that your weekend is a restorative and pleasant one.

With every good wish.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles