Principal’s Comment 16th November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

We finished the week with an invigorating day of activities for our visiting Year 6 students on their Transition Day.

Transition Day

As always, this day proves to be a vital and enjoyable part of the whole process of students becoming members of our School community. It was encouraging to see students from different schools mixing and engaging with each other as they enjoyed a range of activities: treasure hunts, volleyball, netball, tennis, art, music and cooking. I am sure they all left feeling tired but content.


The examination season is now, more or less, over with Monday of next week being given over to catch-up sessions for those students who missed exams.


Again, I have been delighted to present more certificates of commendation as follows:

Eloise Fels
Finlay McKenzie
Ashleigh Hughes
Keanan Royle

Izaak Wallace

McDonalds McHappy Day

Distinctive McHappy Day socks are still on sale now at the school office and at McDonald’s! $5 a pair. All proceeds go towards our McHappy Day total which all helps families of sick children when in Perth for treatment. I enjoyed helping to dispense food and good cheer yesterday and know that tomorrow will see the efforts of our Year 10s come to fruition. Why not pay a visit? A reminder that Monday is a sports-themed free-dress day for a gold coin donation to the charity.

Motor Neuron Fundraising

Also, a reminder that our Year 9s have been inspired to help with this charity and will lead Chapel on Wednesday 21st November. For a variety of reasons, the only free-dress day that could be allocated was in the same week as the McHappy one, on Thursday 22nd November.


We have begun to compost food waste and a receptacle for the collection of appropriate food waste is located outside Dempster 5. Thanks to Mrs Julie Hall for masterminding this environmentally aware practice.


As always, a reminder of the events unfolding over the next few remaining weeks:

The Week Ahead

Week 7 Goldsworthy on Duty
Monday 19th November – free-dress day for McHappy Day Charity
Monday 19th November – First Aid for snake bites – training for all students in Assembly
Tuesday 20th November – 1730 Summer Soiree and opening of the pavilion (letter has been sent)
Wednesday 21st November – 1210 Chapel led by Year 9
Thursday 22nd November – Free-dress day for motor neuron charity (Year 9)
Thursday 22nd November – Year 10 Big Picture exhibition and social for mentors

Further Ahead…

Monday 26th to Friday 30th November - Year 11 Outdoor Ed expedition
Tuesday 27th November – Year 10 Needles
- 1700 PFA Meeting in Dempster 2
Monday 3rd December – Eucharist and Year 12 Leavers’ Dinner at School
Tuesday 4th December – GSSSSA Athletics Competition
Wednesday 5th December – 1830 - Awards’ Night – an invitation has been sent
Thursday 6th December – Beach Volleyball Carnival
Thursday 6th December – Final day of School for students
Friday 7th December – Staff training day – student-free day

With warm wishes for the forthcoming weekend.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles