Principal’s Comment St. Andrew’s Day 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Today is St Andrew's Day - he is the patron saint of Scotland, who was crucified at Patras on an X-shaped cross because he felt himself unworthy of being crucified on the same shape of cross on which Jesus was crucified. One legend has it that the white cross of the flag of Scotland has its origins in this form of crucifixion. We are also, at last we might sigh, on the eve of summer!

Big Picture Exhibitions and Thank You

Not content with the success of their fundraising activities the Year 10 Big Picture students were able to exhibit their projects, and thank mentors, at a successful evening last week. It is a matter of real pleasure to my colleagues, and to me, that we are engaging in such a constructive way with members of our wider community.

Motor Neurone Fund Raiser

Mention of fundraising prompts me to let you know that the Year 9 students raised $580 for this worthy charity through a barbeque, free-dress day and pouring ice over Mr Castelli (over $100 from this one!). Their related Chapel service was also moving and thought-provoking, and yet another instance of how our young people support the ethos of our School community in meaningful ways.

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

Part of our community is the local parish and I am pleased that they support us, often in unseen ways. You should know that they again provided us with the use of the main hall in the Parish Centre for our mock and ATAR exams, a venue much appreciated by all concerned.

They also have a calendar for sale at $13: these are available at Reception should you be looking for one.

‘Dirt Music’

Another part of community involvement has seen several of our people participating, in one way or another, with the filming of ‘Dirt Music’. Ten of our students had the opportunity to visit the set at Twilight Beach and were enthralled with what they saw.

Awards’ Night

I hope that you will also be enthralled by our annual Awards Night which, as you will know, takes place on Wednesday 5th December at 1830, in the Civic Centre. Dress for students is, as always, full winter uniform including blazers and tights. If we can have everybody seated at 1825 this allows for a prompt start. Light refreshments – provided by the Parents and Friends – will be available afterwards.


Although not part of the Awards Night it is good to be able to present commendations during the
term. A further round of awards was made last week as follows:

Mya De Grussa
Regan Mott
Bailey Rossiter
Kellen South
Annika Stone
Gemma Neilson

Madison Maitland
Henry Meiklejohn

Bella Walter
Maddilyn McGrinder

Staff News
Although we are fortunate to have a very stable staff, this time of the year always sees some changes. Sadly, we have to say farewell to Mr Kim Clayton, who leaves us to teach in Victoria to be with his wife and family. We must also say our farewells to Mrs Julie Hall who has been appointed as Principal of the Esperance Christian Primary School: this laudable promotion tempers the feelings of sadness at her departure.

There will be time late to offer a more appropriate eulogy to both of these colleagues but suffice to say here we have appreciated their valued and varied contributions to the life of the School and wish them all good fortune on the next stage of their journey in life.

Uniform Fitting
With the holidays approaching you should be aware that fittings of uniform for next term must be booked in advance: appointments will be available in January.

Reception Hours in Vacation
As is usual during the holidays Reception will be open from 0900-1500 each day apart from the period Friday 14th December (last day of opening) to Wednesday 2nd January, when it reopens.

Twin Towns Programme
The Esperance Twin Town Committee have just updated the Student Exchange Programme Information Kit and Application form on the Shire Website. As you will see via the link below the programme is for students in Years 9 to 12 with a knowledge of the French language.

Nominations are currently open and will close on Monday the 11th of February 2019.

As always, a reminder of the events unfolding over the final week and a pointer towards the start of next term. The calendar has also been updated for 2019.

The Week Ahead

Week 9 Wood on Duty
Monday 3rd December – 1730 Eucharist and Year 12 Leavers’ Dinner at School
Tuesday 4th December – GSSSSA Athletics Competition in Albany
Wednesday 5th December – 0900 to 1100 – rehearsals for Awards’ Night
- 1830 - Awards’ Night in the Civic Centre
Thursday 6th December – Beach Volleyball Carnival
Thursday 6th December – Final day of School for students
Friday 7th December – Staff training day – student-free day

Further Ahead…
Monday 17th December – Midday – release of ATAR results
Thursday 31st January – Staff training day
Friday 1st February – Staff training day
Monday 4th February – Year 7 induction morning from 0900 to 1300. Year 7 students only
Tuesday 5th February – 0840 – School resumes for all students

Wednesday 13th February – 1730 – Sundowner for parents, staff and School Council members

Warm wishes for the coming weekend.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles