Principal’s Comment – 10th May 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

A busy week has seen much activity both in an out of the School, with wintry weather conditions adding a bit of ‘spice’.

Outdoor Education

Our Year 11 and 12 students had the perfect opportunity to hone their bush camping skills in some inclement weather in the Condingup area. They all returned a little wetter, but wiser, after the experience!

Netball – Albany

Our netball girls travelled to Albany to participate in the netball carnival there. The upper-school team won three out of their six preliminary games and then won their final to gain third place overall. The best players for the carnival were Jerri Gaebler, Sarah Curnow and Codee Walter.

The lower-school team faced some tough opposition but played with increasing confidence in some close matches. The best players for the carnival were Eloise Fels, Ivy Martin and Shelby Daw.

Cyber Safety Workshops

Kayelene Kerr, from WA Child Safety Services, gave five outstanding, thought-provoking and helpful workshops to all staff and students on Wednesday. I hope that parents were able to attend one of her workshops in the days beforehand, as this will have helped in the whole process of helping our young people to use information technology in a safe and responsible manner. As she commented, IT is here to stay and can provide so much that is of value, but we must be discriminating in our use of it. Obviously we do try our best to promote cyber safety in our advisory and health programmes but the additional perspectives provided by Kayelene will help all of us in this quest.

Year 8 Parent-Student-Teacher Meeting

My colleagues and I appreciated the opportunity to share thoughts with parents and students in Year 8. These meetings are an essential part of the constructive dialogue which helps to promote meaningful relationships between home and school. Parents and students in Year 9 will have a similar opportunity in Week 4, on Wednesday 22nd May, from 1530.

Education Perfect - English World Championships

The 2019 Education Perfect English Championships ran until Wednesday 08 May at 1400 AEDT.

Final statistics are as follows:

  • 358th globally out of 1476 schools
  • 29th overall out of 288 schools 101-250 students
  • 22nd in Australia out of 205 schools 101-250 students
  • 48th overall out of 152 schools in WA
  • 260th overall in Australia out of 1001 schools

Not a bad showing by any means!

Winter Uniform

The move to winter uniform should now be complete, so that all students should come to School in winter rig on Monday 13th May.


Interviews for enrolment in 2020 are now taking place and details of application for scholarships, which close on the 3rd June, are available on our website: and on Facebook.

Country Week

Looking ahead, the momentum is building for our participation in this annual sporting event in Perth. Our teams are training hard and looking forward to the week; however, I must remind you that fee accounts must be in order to allow attendance. If you have any concerns about this please contact, in the first instance, our Finance and Administration Officer, Mrs Lisa Stokes.


These national tests commence in the coming week for students in Years 7 and 9. The schedules are as follows:

Year 7

Tuesday 14th May Writing 0910-1010 in F3/F4
Tuesday 14th May Reading 1300-1420 in F3/F4
Thursday 16th May Language Conventions 0910-1010 in F3/F4
Monday 20th May Numeracy 1130-1230 in D1/D2

Year 9

Tuesday 14th May Writing 1010-1110 in E6/E7/E8
Wednesday 15th May Reading 1010-1130 in E6/E8
Thursday 16th May Language Conventions 1130-1230 in D1/D2
Monday 20th May Numeracy 0910-1030 in D1/D2

Forthcoming Events

Week 3

NAPLAN on-line testing
Wednesday 15th May – 1715 – PFA AGM in Dempster 2

Week 4

Monday 20th Year 7/8 Electives Rotation 2 begins
Wednesday 22nd - 1000 School Council meeting in D3
1530 – Year 9 Parent-Student-Teacher meeting
Friday 24th - Year 11/12 Examinations start (continue in Week 5)

Week 5

Education Perfect Sciences World Championships
Monday 27th to Friday 31st – Year 11/12 Examinations and Year 10 Examinations

Week 6

Monday 3rd June – WA Foundation Day Holiday – School Closed
Education Perfect Languages World Championships

I trust that the good weather will persist and allow a good weekend.

With all good wishes.

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles