Principal’s Comment – 31st May 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are at the mid-point of the term and time for a breather over the long weekend.


These appear to have, again, run smoothly and I hope that the results will, ultimately, bear fruit for the students involved; I know that some of my colleagues have been impressed with what they have seen so far in scripts.

Education Perfect World Science Championships

Our students have, again, impressed in the Education Perfect world, this time in the science competition. The latest positions are:

307th globally out of 1426 schools
19th overall out of 273 schools 101-250 students
47th overall out of 147 schools in WA
214th overall in Australia out of 997 schools
15th in Australia out of 199 schools 101-250 students

An impressive outcome showing the abilities in science of our young people.

Aquatics Year 9

Our aquatics activity is hugely popular, but we are always mindful of the possibilities of sharks appearing. At this afternoon’s activity a small bronze-whaler shark was sighted near the surfers. Our observation procedures identified the threat and all students were evacuated from the water quickly – according to established and practiced procedures – without injury or alarm. Other beach users were signalled, and all the students involved have been debriefed by Mr Castelli, although they all seemed more excited than alarmed. This said, if you do have any concerns whatsoever I know that Mr Castelli would be more than happy to discuss these with you to offer reassurance.

The Canteen

After discussions with the Canteen Manager, Mrs Rose Weckert, about how the Canteen might become more cost effective to achieve the savings the School has identified as necessary in the current economic climate, agreement was reached that the position of Canteen Manager would be made redundant.

Further to these discussions Rose has decided to accept a redundancy package rather than an alternative option of employment in the Canteen. Accordingly, Rose’s last day of employment with the School was, sadly, today. We will now seek to recruit a Canteen Assistant but, until that time, Mrs Delcia Hubble will act in that role in a relief capacity.

The School is very grateful to Rose for the fine work she has done, and the care she has shown for our community, in her role over the last four years. We are very sorry to see her go but we wish her all good fortune in her future endeavours.


Interviews for enrolment in 2020 are continuing; details of application for scholarships, which close on the 3rd June, are available on our website:

and on Facebook.

Forthcoming Events

As always these are noted in the calendar and reminders appear in Brekkie Bytes, but pour mémoire:

Week 6
Monday 3rd June – WA Foundation Day Holiday – School Closed
Tuesday 4th – 0850 Assembly
Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th – Big Picture mentor visit

Week 7
Sunday 9th – 1000 PFA Busy Bee at the School
Thursday 13th – inter-House Cross Country Competition at EACS
Friday 14th – Visit by representatives of the universities in Perth (details to follow)

Week 8
Thursday 20th – 0930 Open morning
Friday 21st
- Inter-school Cross Country relays at EACS
1800 Mr Kerr's Farewell at EACS (RSVPs essential)

Year 10 Needles

These take place on Thursday 27th June and forms have been distributed for return to Reception as soon as convenient.

With all good wishes for the forthcoming long weekend

Yours sincerely,


P. Kerr Fulton-Peebles