Interim Principal Address – 27th July 2019

The ‘IP’ Address

In this my first Interim Principal ‘IP’ Address I would warmly like to welcome back all students and families to Term 3.


Assembly last week was a chance to reflect on the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing on July 20, 1969. A decade in the planning and a monumental achievement, which became, and arguably still is, the greatest feat of engineering the world has ever seen.

Numerous contributing factors ultimately produced a successful mission and I would briefly like to reflect upon three of these in order to draw some parallels with our EACS School Mission:

"At Esperance Anglican Community School we aim to educate the whole person – in mind, body and spirit – as a unique individual each with their own talents and capabilities"

Mind – some of the most amazing mathematics minds on the planet were working day and night to try and solve problems that no one had faced before; navigating the trajectory to the moon and back, the angle of re-entry, and complicated manoeuvrers in between to name but a few.

At EACS educating the mind is a key aspect of our mission. Through studies in ATAR, General, VET and Big Picture in additional to a robust lower and middle school curriculum incorporating a supportive pastoral agenda we hope that the rigour and substance of our programs are going to produce the confident and innovative minds of tomorrow.

Body – Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins had to maintain high levels of physical conditioning to deal with tough physical challenges relating to spending significant amounts of time in a zero-gravity environment.

At EACS educating the body is a key aspect of our mission. Through participation and engagement in Physical Education, Heath, electives, sport and other extra-curricular pursuits we hope that the diversity of our programs is going to produce well-balanced and well-adjusted students that are willing and capable of contributing to many facets of life.

Spirit – Despite all possible different scenarios calculated and provisioned for there was still a sense of nervous apprehension in the final moments of the countdown as to whether the launch and mission was going to succeed. There was little more that could be done except hope and pray. Having faith is a powerful and reassuring concept and, as the whole world waited in hopeful anticipation, people’s prayers were certainly answered.

At EACS educating the spirit is a key aspect of our mission. Through participation and engagement in Religious Education classes, being an active contributor during Chapel services and establishing relationships based on good Christian values we hope that students will develop a real sense of meaning in their lives.

Neil Armstrong’s famous words upon landing on the moon remain forever etched into the annals of time, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. At EACS let us reflect on our mission and take encouragement from the fact that we too, through our engagement in mind, body and spirit, embrace these all-inclusive and all-encompassing words with the hope and intention of allowing students the strength and wherewithal to express themselves and develop their talents and abilities in their own unique and special ways in a supportive and inclusive school community environment.

What's on (week 2)

  • Monday – Canberra Camp continues (Year 9)
  • Tuesday – Canberra Camp continues (Year 9)
  • Wednesday – Canberra Camp returns (Year 9)
  • Wednesday – Year 10 Course of Study discussions with staff 0845 - 0915 in DMP
  • Thursday – Australian Mathematics Competition (Years 7-12)

What's coming up (week 3)

  • Monday-Friday – Languages week (Italian competition)
  • Wednesday – Year 10 Course of Study discussions with peers 0845 - 0915 in DMP

Further ahead

  • 14 August – Year 10 ‘Directions & Decisions’ Presentation (students) 1300 – 1345hrs
  • 15 August – Shakespeare's Toolkit incursion (years 8-12 students)
  • 15 August – Inter-school surfing Albany
  • 20 August – Year 10 ‘Directions & Decisions’ Presentation (parents) 1800 – 1845hrs
  • 21 August – School Photos day
  • 22-24 August – Esperance Music Festival
  • 26 August – Mid-term break
  • 02 September – Year 7&8 Rotation 3 electives
  • 2-6 September – OLNA Writing, Numeracy and Reading
  • 2-6 September – Year 11/12 Outdoor Education Camp
  • 7-14 September – Year 10/11 Careers Camp in Perth
  • 17 September – ‘Headspace’ Schools Mental Health student workshops
  • 17 September – ‘Headspace’ Schools Mental Health parent workshops 1730 – 1830hrs
  • 19 September – Inter-house Athletics Carnival
  • 27 September – Term 3 ends
  • 11 October – Year 12 Mock WACE Exams commence
  • 14 October – Term 4 commences
  • 14-18 October – Year 12 Mock WACE Exams continues (study leave)


School Improvement

Staff have embarked on a journey of School Improvement, which commenced on our first staff PD back in school. Whilst we recognise there are many positive aspects about an EACS education no organisation can ever be complacent, and our dedicated and talented staff recognise the importance of continually looking for innovative ways to improve the teaching and learning outcomes of all our students. A learning cycle to address nine key domains of school improvement is underway with implementation to commence at the start of 2020. Before the end of the year parents will be given the opportunity to contribute to this agenda, and all identified areas for school improvement (staff and parents) will dovetail neatly into our master document “The School Plan”.

For your interest the nine domains of school improvement are:

  • An explicit improvement agenda
  • Analysis and discussion of data
  • A culture that promotes learning
  • Targeted use of school resources
  • An expert teaching team
  • Systematic curriculum delivery
  • Differentiated teaching and learning
  • Effective pedagogical practices
  • School–community partnerships

Canberra Camp

Year 9 students on the Canberra Camp have been having a fantastic educational and sightseeing experience. Daily blogs and pictures can be viewed upon selecting ‘Portals’ in Seqta Learn and Engage and the ‘Canberra Camp 2019’. Alternatively, updates will follow via the school Facebook page.

New Chaplain

We welcomed Father Brett Guthrie into our school community this week. Father Brett is also the new Anglican Parish Priest. He will be with us in school for what amounts to one day a week spread across a number of days. Father Brett has many years of experience working with youth, both in a community and school context, and comes well credentialled to provide the spiritual guidance and nourishment for our students and staff.

New Psychologist

We also welcome Sharon Southall who will commence in her role of School Psychologist from next week. Sharon will be in school on a Wednesday each fortnight and is available for appointments. Parental consent must be given prior to any appointment and consent slips are available from the front office.

Year 10 Directions and Decisions 2020

Our Year 10 Directions and Decisions subject selection process is well underway for 2020. Over the course of the past term students have been exploring post-school career pathways and have had their one-on-one consultation meetings. The next stage in the process will be a series of “speed dating” sessions, which is aimed at providing additional information to students about desirable courses of study from the perspective of both staff and senior students. A reminder that there will be a further (and final) open forum opportunity for parents to attend a Directions and Decisions Information evening on Tuesday 20th August from 1800hrs in DMP.

Best wishes for the week ahead.


Iain Clark