Interim Principal Address – 12th August 2019

The ‘IP’ Address


“Good Standing at EACS”

In March of this year the Honourable Sue Ellery MLC, Minister for Education and Training, submitted a statement on school violence, stating that:

“Every parent rightly expects that when their child is at school, they will be safe, nurtured and supported to learn. Similarly, teachers and school staff should feel safe in their workplace”.

Her statement consisted of ten actionable points to assist schools to take a stand together to ensure that schools are safe places for learning.

Action point 6 is of particular interest as it requires public schools to embrace a ‘Good Standing’ policy to promote positive behaviours as part of their behaviour management framework.


One of the reasons why parents choose EACS as the school of choice for their son or daughter is the nurturing environment that a small school has the capacity to provide. Where students are not seen crudely as ‘bums on seats, but as young people with goals and aspirations in life.

In order to provide the best pastoral support platform for our students, in 2017 we embarked on a vigorous agenda to improve our existing structures governing reward and discipline and consolidate them under one allencompassing framework, the EACS Good Standing Policy.

Since its inception at the start of 2018 our Good Standing Policy has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on behaviour, holding students more accountable for their actions whilst at the same time providing incentive for students to strive to achieve their personal best so that they may benefit from the rights and privileges of being a student of EACS.

Strikes are the means by which discipline is monitored and the accumulation of strikes across a term places a student at risk of losing their good standing, which then necessitates a subsequent repatriation process to return to good standing. More importantly and keeping in line with the school’s desire to focus on the positive, students are rewarded with FISH points, Commendation certificates, Aussie of the Month awards and promotion to Advanced Standing accolades simply by abiding by the expectations established within the framework and outlined in the ‘Contract of Acceptance’ form, which all students are required to sign upon entering EACS.

So, in alignment with the Honourable Sue Ellery MLC’s ministerial statement to all public schools, families can be comforted in the knowledge that EACS already has a comprehensive behaviour management framework in place that is operating well and is having the desired impact on students in so far as our creating a safe and well supported environment that is conducive to learning.

What's on this week (week 4)

  • Wednesday – Year 10 Directions & Decisions Presentation 1300-1400hrs in DMP
  • Thursday – Shakespeare's Toolkit incursion (years 8-12 students)
  • Friday – Inter-school surfing Albany

What's on next week (week 5)

  • 19-23 August – Science Week
  • 20 August – Year 10 Parents Directions & Decisions evening 2020
  • 21 August – School Photos day
  • 22-24 August – Esperance Music Festival

Further ahead

  • 26 August – Mid-term break
  • 2-6 September – OLNA Writing, Numeracy and Reading
  • 2-6 September – Year 11/12 Outdoor Education Camp
  • 7-14 September – Year 10/11 Careers Camp in Perth
  • 17 September – ‘Headspace’ Schools Mental Health workshops (students & parents)
  • 19 September – Inter-house Athletics Carnival

Endless Praise Ministry

Last Friday band members from the touring Endless Praise Ministry visited the school during morning Advisory. The group were highly engaging and highly entertaining. To witness devoted young people, all with a story to share, making such a difference not only in their own lives but in the lives of countless others, was an uplifting spiritual experience.


Can parents please assist the school by ensuring that your child’s hair length and volume remains within the school’s guidelines. Eyes and ears should be clearly visible, and hair should be no longer than the top of the shirt collar for boys. Girls hair should be held back with navy blue hair ties, scrunchies or head bands. Certain students do require a trim and phone calls home can be expected.


You are kindly reminded of the protocol when your child is out of formal school uniform; an explanatory note or email must be forwarded to the Advisory Tutor or front office. Students may wear PE uniform on the following days:

  • Tuesday Year – 11-12 Outdoor Education (all day)
  • Thursday Year – 7-12 Physical Education (all day)

At all other times a student who is permitted to wear their PE uniform for a particular lesson must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Period 1&2 – May arrive at school in PE uniform then change back into formal uniform at recess
  • Period 3&4 – Change into PE uniform at recess then change back into formal uniform at lunch
  • Period 4&5 – Change into PE uniform at lunch then remain in PE uniform for the afternoon

Best wishes for the week ahead.


Iain Clark