Interim Principal Address – 26th August 2019

The ‘IP’ Address


Attendance in School

The effects of attendance on academic achievement are readily demonstrable for all students. Statistics indicate that missing at least one day of school a fortnight, which equates to at least a month behind per year and a corresponding attendance rate of less than 90%, is detrimental to a child’s learning. Across Australia, nearly 37 per cent of all year 9 and 10 students missed at least one day a fortnight of school in 2017 (SMH, 2019).

Research suggests that students whose attendance drops below 90%:

  • Are less likely to meet literacy and numeracy benchmarks
  • Are more likely to disengage in secondary years
  • Are less likely to finish school and,
  • Will find it harder to get a job because they haven't been at school long enough to develop the literacy and numeracy skills and competencies needed in the workforce.

The nature of the relationship between absence from school and achievement strongly suggests that every day of attendance in school contributes towards a child’s learning, and that academic outcomes are enhanced by maximising attendance in school.

The percentages of average in-school attendance for EACS students for 2019 is as follows:

  • Year 7 – 91%
  • Year 8 – 91%
  • Year 9 – 90%
  • Year 10 – 87%
  • Year 11 – 92%
  • Year 12 – 91%

Whilst it is encouraging that the majority of EACS year group statistics are above 90% attendance it is imperative that this figure trendlines as high as possible. Therefore, it goes without saying that parental support, working in partnership with the school to ensure that all students are in school at every opportunity, is critically necessary in order to give students the opportunity to achieve to their potential and derive maximum benefit from their schooling. Further, a 90% attendance target is critical for any student who aspires to have their status of good standing elevated to Advanced Standing each semester, where they then benefit from additional privileges.

To incentivise students and to monitor and hold students more accountable for their own attendance, effective immediately attendance statistics will now be incorporated into the Champion House competition. Additionally, individual students will also benefit by receiving bonus FISH points each term for attendance statistics above 95%. In short, high levels of attendance will be to the benefit of both the individual as well as their house. Win, win all round!


Esperance Music Festival

A massive congratulations to all those students who put their best foot forward during the Esperance Music Festival. To witness the culmination of months of practice, realised on stage through such confident and competent performances, is a timely reminder of all things good about the holistic nature of an EACS education.

In a competitive division against both ESHS and John Paul College (Kalgoorlie) the EACS Stage Band emerged victorious with a whopping 87% and the following glowing feedback:

New York New York

“Well done to all performers. This is a tight unit with all players contributing well … the feel is there and an awareness of the importance of articulation and accent is evident. Nice work from the rhythm section … Congratulations to the solo players too.”

We Are Family

“… This was a well-chosen item for the standard of the band. It showed some of the individual talents, whilst not being too hard. Enjoyable listening from a disciplined band. Well done tonight from the EACS Stage Band.”

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Gail Saunders for the professional and meticulous manner in which she prepared our Junior, Senior and Stage bands for the Festival with good back up from Trish Gardner and Ilka McKeown preparing individual students in different instrument categories.

Student Achievements

It would be great to be able to make mention of notable achievements from our students throughout the year. Many achievements occur outside the realms of school, but does this render them any less noteworthy than those achieved in school – I should think not. So whether it’s motocross, horse riding, sailing or tiddlywinks if your child has done something that is a feather in their cap and that they or you are proud of then let either myself or your child’s Advisory Tutor know so this can be recognised and trumpeted to the world via school media publications.

This week’s highlight goes out to Stella Wildberger who has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 2019 Bruce Cup Tennis Championship. The team will be competing in the school sport Australia National Championships in Perth from the 12-19 October 2019. Best of luck Stella.

What’s on this week (week 6)

  • Monday – Mid-term break (School closed)

What’s on next week (week 7)

  • 02 September – Year 7&8 Rotation 3 electives
  • 2-6 September – OLNA Writing, Numeracy and Reading
  • 2-6 September – Year 11/12 Outdoor Education Camp (Pemberton)
  • 7 September – Year 11/12 Careers Camp departs (Perth)

Further ahead (week’s 8-10)

  • 9-14 September – Year 10/11 Careers Camp (Perth)
  • 17 September – ‘Headspace’ Schools Mental Health workshops (students & parents)
  • 18 September – EACS Information Evening 1800hrs (Civic Centre)
  • 19 September – Inter-house Athletics Carnival
  • 27 September – Last day of Term

Best wishes for the week ahead.


Iain Clark