Executive Team Address – 23 September 2019

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address


Executive Principal’s Welcome

Essential Relationships

It is hard to believe that the last week of Term 3 is already upon us. Throughout Term 3, the school community has provided many opportunities for our students to forge positive and meaningful relationships with each other and their teachers. Schools of substance are often defined by the quality of relationships that exist between students, parents and staff. At Esperance Anglican Community School (EACS) we value these essential partnerships in the education of each and every child.

Students take educational risks, dare to challenge themselves, and aim to succeed when they feel supported in a caring and nurturing environment, with dedicated and highly experienced teachers. This is of the utmost importance at EACS as we continue our mission of ensuring that aspirational learning opportunities are offered to every student in a caring and nurturing Christian environment.

Staff Commitment

I would like to acknowledge the staff of EACS and their commitment to cater for all students. Our students have a diverse range of talents, interests, needs and academic abilities, and our school caters for this diversity through its rigorous and comprehensive academic program, diverse co-curricular activities, and strong pastoral care system. Our School boasts committed educators who are dedicated to developing learning opportunities catering for your child’s needs and who commit to on-going professional development, as well as highly devoted nonteaching staff who are committed to the achievement of the School’s mission.

In my short time getting to know the staff at EACS, I have been impressed with their commitment, professionalism and dedication to all children who benefit from an EACS education. I trust you have seen the benefits of our staffs’ enthusiastic approach to the development of engaging learning opportunities, in your child’s education throughout this term.

Parent Sundowner

Positive relationships between the School and its parents is vital to the success of the education of each and every child. In this regard, I am looking forward to meeting with parents at this Thursday evening’s sundowner. This event will provide an opportunity for all parents to meet with me. I trust that you will be able to attend.

Year 12 ATAR Exam Preparations

We often get the end of a term and immediately think of holidays and time with the family. This may be the case for a large percentage of EACS students, however spare a thought for the students who will be preparing for their final School exams and WACE exams. We wish all of our ATAR students every blessing as they prepare for these important exams over the school holiday period.

School NAPLAN Results

In this issue of the Executive Team Address (ETA), we present to you the School’s results from the 2019 NAPLAN Assessments. The data from the NAPLAN Assessments provides schools and systems with the ability to compare their students’ achievements against National Standards and with student achievement in other states and territories. It also permits the monitoring of individual progress over time.

The ‘value-added’ component is an important aspect to consider when analysing the NAPLAN data, as it demonstrates the School’s effectiveness to add value to each child’s development in Literacy and Numeracy. From the results it can be seen that the School has done very well in this regard.

It should also be noted that EACS does not support ‘teaching to the test’. The result of this approach is that students from EACS engage in curriculum that is authentic and critical to genuine learning. The results of NAPLAN assessments are therefore not ‘inflated’ by overt practice.

It is also important to remember that the NAPLAN results are a snapshot of a child’s progress at school in literacy and numeracy in one set of assessments, implemented in one week of the year. They do not encompass subjects such as Art or Music, Science or History, Sport or Geography, Design or Languages Other than English. They certainly do not encompass Religious Studies, Personal Development or the many other opportunities at EACS that make your child’s experience as unique and rewarding as they are individual.

Every Blessing

Jason Bartell
Executive Principal

National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)

NAPLAN results are in and individual reports will be distributed to students this week. NAPLAN is an Australia wide norm-referenced testing program that students participate in every two years commencing in year 3 and concluding in year 9, across the following domains:

  • Numeracy
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Grammar and Punctuation

NAPLAN, for many, is an ongoing source of debate in so far as its perceived value in raising standards of education in Australian schools. But regardless of perspective there are two clear points of note:

  1. NAPLAN is an embedded part of the Australian Government’s assessment strategy and, in the foreseeable future anyway, is unlikely to be scaled back. If anything, with the onset of NAPLAN Online in 2018 the time and resources (both human and financial) being attributed to the technological advancement of NAPLAN is intensifying.
  2. The data analytics that schools have access to resulting from NAPLAN testing is significant. So, given that NAPLAN is embedded in the assessment structure of Australian schools, it then becomes less of a question about the debate and more of a question about “What are school’s doing with the data to improve teaching and learning outcomes for their students?”

The notion of ‘value added’ and ‘growth’ are important terms upon which schools should reflect because it is our responsibility as educators to analyse the data that we receive, identify the starting point for each student and then ensure that over time we are ‘value adding’ so students are experiencing personal ‘growth’ as they move along the educational continuum from point A to point B.

The results gleamed for students completing NAPLAN in year 7 are largely reflective of their knowledge and skills derived from their primary school years. At EACS we analyse the data year 7 and 9 data intently so we can identify where strengths lie, which would indicate students requiring extension, and where weaknesses exist, which would indicate students requiring remediation.

The graphs below show year 7&9 cohort average NAPLAN scores (Green trend line) compared to national (Red trend line) over the past seven years from 2013-2019. The graphs provide a very succinct snapshot of the ‘value adding’ and ‘growth’ that EACS students experience from year 7 (bottom line) to year 9 (top line) as a result of data analysis informing our differentiated learning programs.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Parent/Carers Information Evening

This was a highly informative and quite interactive session for all parents in attendance. One of the key pieces of advice for parents to better assist their children navigate the challenges they face in their lives is to ensure that we are also looking after our own mental health. If we as parents are feeling mentally fit and healthy then there will be automatic flow on benefits for our children.

Athletics Carnival

A reminder that this whole school event has been re-scheduled for this Tuesday 24 September. It would be great to see as much spectatorship and support on the day as possible to help our students celebrate a wonderful day of track and field athletics and novelty events.

University entry pathways 2020

With Mock Examinations fast approaching our year 12 students are in the process of making decisions about their future pathways. Applications are currently open via TISC for the four public Universities and directly to Notre Dame, whose deadline is September 27th. Please look at the individual universities’ websites for information on scholarships (of which there are many), some particularly for rural students and accommodation. Dates for these are available online and closing soon. If you or your children have any queries regarding these please don’t hesitate to ask.

Night of Celebration and Awards

Please note that the date for this year’s ‘Night of Celebration and Awards’ has been moved to the evening of Tuesday 10th December 2019.

What's on this week (week 10)

  • Tuesday Inter-house Athletics Carnival
  • Tuesday Student Leadership 2020 nomination speeches
  • Thursday Chess Championships Final
  • Thursday Sundowner with Executive Principal Jason Bartell 1730-1900
  • Friday Last day of term 3

Further ahead

  • 14 October Term 4 commences (all staff and students)
  • 14-18 October Year 12 Mock WACE Exams (Year 12 study leave)
  • 18 October Esperance Show (school closed)
  • 21-25 October Year 12 final week in school
  • 25 October Year 12 final day of school

Best wishes for the week ahead and may we take this opportunity to wish all families a safe and blessed holiday.


Jason Bartell


Iain Clark


Lisa Marquis