Executive Team Address – 2nd December 2019

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address


Why we need to celebrate achievements

Next Tuesday 10th December we come together as a school community for our end of year Night of Celebrations and Awards. The evening is an opportunity to reflect and rejoice on the year that was. Academic achievements are a focal point, but the evening is also an opportunity to showcase student participation and engagement in so many other aspects of school endeavour which, when combined, creates the holistic nature of education that we seek to provide for our students.

It’s really important to celebrate achievements. To recognise what’s working well, why it works, and if there’s is something you can take from it to inspire or replicate in other actions and goals, you have to realise what is working well and celebrate it.

As our Year 12 students prepare for their graduation, we’d like to offer the following advice so that they can celebrate their personal achievements.

Focus on what you’ve accomplished, the small wins along the way, rather than a long overwhelming list of what you’ve still got to do.

Here’s why we need to celebrate achievements:

  • Develops a success mindset: Whatever we want to change, achieve or have more of, success lies at the heart of it. A large part of success is about your state of mind so it’s about having a success mindset.
  • Motivation: We are motivated by our successes. So, give yourself as many opportunities to be successful as you can.
  • It feels good: We’re driven to make changes in our lives because we want to feel better, be happier and feel good.
  • Neuro-happy chemicals: When we celebrate success, a neuro-happy chemical, Dopamine is released in our brain.
  • Sharing success: Celebrating success isn’t necessarily just about you. It can also give others the chance to join in your celebration, be motivated and have a share in your success.
  • You have to recognise your own success if you want other people to as well.

(Source: Brilliant living - 6 reasons why you should celebrate success)

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff encourage and inspire students to reach their full academic potential to become the best they can be. Esperance Anglican Community School is dedicated to helping our students flourish.


Musical Soiree

An evening of musicianship will take place on Tuesday 03 December from 1730hrs in DMP. RSVPs necessary for catering purposes. Please inform the office of your intention to attend. Program attached.

Year 9 Canberra Camp Parents Meeting 2020

p>A Canberra Camp launch meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 04 December 1730-1830hrs in D4. This will be a good opportunity to find out more information about next year’s camp as well as an opportunity for question and answer.

IGO Nova Operations STEM Work Experience Camp

A great work experience opportunity has materialised for two of our year 10 students at the IGO Nova Operations mine site. Mrs MacMillan will accompany Abigail Knox and Maggie Scott to the IGO mine site for a STEM Work Experience Camp from 04-09 December. Our students will likely join the Metallurgy team. Upon their return Abigail and Maggie will be required to give a public presentation on Thursday 12 December at the Esperance Bay Yacht Club. Best of luck girls.

Busy Bee

There will be a school busy bee to see out the year on Sunday 08 December from 0900 – 1130hrs. The main focus will be on general domestic and gardening (sweeping paths, weeding, pruning, mowing, litter picking, mulch and gravel spreading, fertilising). Please bring along any tools that you think might be useful on the morning, especially a wheelbarrow if you have one. A good final opportunity for students to chalk up some school service hours.

Celebration and Awards Night

Next Tuesday 10th December at 1800hrs we come together as a school community for our end of year Night of Celebrations and Awards. A reminder that this is a whole school event, which is compulsory for all students to attend. As the evening is one of formalities students are expected to be appropriately attired in formal school uniform. Blazers should be pressed and clean. Shoes should be polished. Hair should be neatly groomed and tied back if necessary. Courteous and respectful behaviour is the expectation throughout the course of the evening.

Anglicare School Supplies fundraiser

The Year 11 Childcare students have chosen to support Anglicare as their Advocacy project this year. They are hoping to collect donations of school supplies for children in regional centres. If you are able to support this School Supplies Drive, we would be most appreciative. Collection boxes are available at school and supplies requested include: Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, Drink Bottles, A4 Display Books, A4 Exercise Books, Scrapbooks, Headphones, Pencil Cases, Glue Sticks, Artline Markers, Highlighters, Crayons, Textas, Coloured Pencils, Oil Pastels, Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, Rulers, Scissors, Gift Vouchers.

There will also be a free dress ‘Christmas Theme’ fundraiser on Wednesday 11 December to help raise funds forthis worthwhile cause.

Specialist Netball and Tennis Programs 2020

A reminder that expressions of interest are sought from new and existing families who would like their son or daughter to be part of the Specialist Netball and Tennis programs in 2020. Trials may be necessary in the event of numbers exceeding maximum limits. A semester commitment is the minimum expectation once selected onto the program. Please email Mrs Walter for netball (swalter@eacs.wa.edu.au) or Mr Clark for tennis (iclark@eacs.wa.edu.au).

Student Achievements

Tahneisha Wynne and Meghan Maguire

Congratulations to both Tahneisha Wynne and Meghan Maguire for being accepted into the Scitech Future Health Professionals program.

Scitech’s Future Health Professionals program provides students with the exclusive opportunity to get hands-on experience in the medical field, with a five-day intensive series of talks and workshops.

Thirty hand-selected students are accepted into the annual program, to network with a variety of medical experts, explore a wide-range of medical career options and pathways, and to gain skills and knowledge via simulated medical experience.

Both girls have either completed or are working towards completing their Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing Studies qualification. Tahneisha and Meghan are also investing in their Big Picture Graduation Portfolio, which will provide them with an alternative University entry pathway in 2021.

Kellen South

Congratulations to Kellen South (year 8) who has been awarded a CBH sponsorship to sail on the Leeuwin departing from Fremantle in December. This will be a great opportunity for Kellen to acquire new skills, develop his leadership potential, build confidence and meet new friends.


What's on this week (week 8)

  • Tuesday Musical Soiree in DMP 1730-1900hrs
  • Tuesday Executive Principal in Esperance
  • Wednesday Executive Principal in Esperance
  • Thursday Executive Principal in Esperance
  • Friday Curtin Medical School pathways workshop 1350-1450hrs
  • Sunday Busy Bee 0900-1130hrs

What's on this week (week 9)

  • Monday Year 12 Graduation evening at the Pier
  • Tuesday Executive Principal in Esperance
  • Tuesday Night of Celebration and Awards
  • Wednesday Advanced Standing reward activity and luncheon
  • Thursday Inter-house Beach Volleyball (all day)

Further ahead

  • 16 December 2019S2 Reports issued

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis