Executive Team Address – Term 1 Week 2 2020

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address


The phrase ‘hitting the ground running’ is always an interesting one, but it has clear connotations. That an activity has been commenced with vitality and enthusiasm. That one’s best effort is being attributed, and that early success signs are evident.

The first week of the academic year was a week filled with promise for the students of EACS. All our new students seem to be enjoying their new surrounds and are embracing the culture of the school to learn effectively and build inter-personal relationships. An encouraging start to the year indeed


Esperance Anglican Community School’s Good Standing Policy is our student management framework addressing all aspects of discipline and reward in the school. This policy, now in its fourth year, is primarily aimed at incentivising students and rewarding the positive, but there is also an emphasis on students being held accountable for their actions and behaviours.

The School's student management framework is an integral part of the pastoral care of students. It is an important aspect of the school's culture and therefore essential that all students receive positive guidance and encouragement towards acceptable behaviour and are given opportunities to interact and develop respectful and positive relationships with each other and with staff.

A whole-school approach is used, based on the Canter Method of Assertive Discipline overlaid by the Glasser Model of Managing Student Behaviour. This approach is based on the understanding that appropriate behaviour is learned, and that good behaviour needs to be positively reinforced. It is believed that most potential discipline problems can be avoided by establishing positive classroom environments. Students are made aware of their Rights and Responsibilities and of the consequences of engaging in various behaviours. Consequences must be appropriate to the behaviour. Teachers need to be mindful of the importance of focusing on positive consequences for good behaviour.

Attached to this correspondence is a Good Standing Student Acceptance Contract, which all students are expected to sign at the start of each year. It would be greatly appreciated if this contract could be signed and returned to your child's Advisory Tutor at your earliest opportunity and no later than Monday 17 February 2020.

Esperance Anglican Community School aims to develop in young people a sense of respect for themselves and others, personal and community responsibility. We strive to be a community where each person feels safe, secure and valued. We seek to promote high standards in all that we do through the encouragement of the positive rather than simply punishing wrongdoers. We aim to monitor this through a system of Good Standing.

A student in Good Standing is regarded as having complied with all their implicit obligations, while not being subject to any form of consequence or disciplinary censure. A student of Good Standing has the support of the School to conduct their activities and receive the rights and privileges of the school, which includes attendance on, and involvement with, School excursions, School camps, sport representation and various social and cultural activities.

All students begin each year with their 'Good Standing' in place. Students maintain their Good Standing by meeting the school's expectations across five key focus areas:

  • Commitment to Learning
  • Responsible Behaviour
  • Uniform Standards
  • Work Readiness
  • Service Learning


Students may lose their Good Standing through unsatisfactory performance in one or more of the five key focus areas identified above. 'Strikes' are the means by which unsatisfactory performance is monitored and recorded in SEQTA. The impact of 'Strikes' on the status of Good Standing is outlined in the table below:

0 Elevated to Advanced Standing
0-3 Good Standing ‘Maintained’ Stage
4-5 Probationary ‘Early Warning’ Stage
6-7 Loss of Good Standing – Stage 1
8-10 Loss of Good Standing – Stage 2
11+ Loss of Good Standing – Stage 3

Students who lose Good Standing will:

  • Be unable to attend any extra-curricular, sporting, social or cultural functions until the status of Good Standing is returned.
  • Have their name added to the whole School Loss of Good Standing list.
  • A student may not be eligible to receive a School reference.
  • The loss of Good Standing may preclude a student attending curriculum related excursions (discretionary).

To reinstate Good Standing a student will need to liaise with their Advisory Tutor, Year Coordinator or the Associate Principal to demonstrate that they have complied with the requirements of Good Standing during the "loss" period. The student will also be required to engage in a Re-instatement of Good Standing Application and when granted parents/carers will receive a letter of notification indicating that Good Standing has been returned to the student.


There are three reward programs that EACS implements to provide incentives for students and acknowledge them for their achievements throughout the year:

  1. 'FISH' Certificates and badges
  2. Good Standing 'Commendation' Certificates
  3. Aussie of the Month Awards

The central aim of the reward programs are to recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and reward endeavour, good behaviour and achievement in both school and community.

  1. FISH Certificates
  2. FISH points are awarded regularly to students who demonstrate desirable behaviours and are allocated according to the following strands:

    • Choose Your Attitude
    • Be There
    • Make Their Day
    • Play

    Upon reaching certain FISH point levels (50, 100, 150, 200 points) students are rewarded during assembly with a FISH certificate and badge. Certificates and badges take the form of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Rainbow.

  3. Good Standing Certificates
  4. Good Standing 'Commendations' are awarded to students who demonstrate exemplary achievement across the following five focus areas:

    • Academic
    • Endeavour
    • Community
    • Leadership
    • Spirit

    Upon reaching specific commendation levels (5,10,15,20 citations) students are rewarded during assembly with a Good Standing presentation, which takes the form of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Principal’s Commendation Certificates.

  5. Aussie of the Month Awards Program
  6. The Aussie of the Month award recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the school and wider community, reflecting the values we share as Australians. Each month staff reflect upon each student’s participation, engagement and achievement across all aspects of school endeavour, before making a determination as to which students are most deserving of receiving the Aussie of the Month award in each year group.


SEQTA PARENTS EVENING: Wednesday 12th February 5:30-6:30

Seqta is the Teacher-Student-Parent communication portal managing all aspects of student administration at EACS. This event is an opportunity for first time users, as well as those parents who desire a refresher, to come along and gain an insight into the different functionalities of Seqta, particularly that are used most commonly by Teachers and students in the school.

YEAR 11/12 WACE PARENTS EVENING: Tuesday 18th February 17:30-18:30hrs

Year 11 and 12 is an important time for students. For many it is a challenging couple of years and for some the stakes are high in terms of the perceived expectations to succeed. Good self-organisation and self-management skills are therefore of paramount importance. This event is an opportunity for students and their parents to find out more information about the WACE and senior secondary pathways and expectations.

SUNDOWNER: Wednesday 19th February 17:30-18:30hrs

Parents and Guardians are invited to join the Executive Principal and staff for an informal sundowner to welcome you the start of the 2020 school year. This event will be an opportunity for our new parents to meet our staff and enjoy some fellowship with other members of our school community. Drinks and nibbles will be provided so please RSVP to the front office for catering purposes by Monday 17 February. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

YEAR 9 CANBERRA CAMP 2020: Deposits due

Please note that this Friday 14 February is the designated date when a firm commitment to proceed on this camp is required in the form of a $600 non-refundable deposit. At this time could families also complete and return to the front office the Intention to Participate and Fundraising Acceptance Slip (attached).

What's on this week (week 2)

  • Monday Chapel
  • Wednesday Seqta Parents evening 1730hrs in D4
  • Thursday Prefects meeting

What's on next week (week 3)

  • Monday Assembly
  • Tuesday Year 11/12 WACE Parents evening 1730hrs in DMP
  • Tuesday Prefect Advisory visits to year 7 (relationship building activities)
  • Wednesday Prefect Advisory visits to year 7 (relationship building activities)
  • Wednesday Big Picture Learning Plan meetings 1530hrs (classrooms)
  • Wednesday Parents Sundowner 1730hrs in DMP
  • Thursday Prefect Advisory visits to year 8 (relationship building activities)
  • Friday Prefect Advisory visits to year 8 (relationship building activities)

Further ahead in February

  • 24 February Elevate Study Skills Parents Workshop 1730hrs in D4
  • 24 February Elevate Study Skills Students Workshops period 3&4 (11/12)
  • 25 February Elevate Study Skills Students workshops all day (7-10)
  • 25-27 February Prefect visits to Advisories to discuss the Student Representative Council
  • 28 February SRC voting in Advisories for semester 1