Executive Team Address – Term 1 Week 3

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address


Self-Improvement – The goal for all at EACS

At the commencement of the School year all EACS staff and students were encouraged to continue to strive for personal excellence and to set a goal to make small improvements in their academic, social and spiritual lives, every day. The striving for personal excellence and setting improvement targets are practical ways in which students will be assisted to identify their God-given gifts and talents, in order to serve others. While the School understands that identifying their gifts and talents would be difficult for most students, the idea that we should serve each other is an important concept that every student will have the opportunity to understand and consider throughout their time at EACS.

The beginning of a new school year brings with it challenges, but with these challenges there are plenty of opportunities also. In these early weeks, students should plan for the year ahead by setting routines and developing sound habits of mind. Students should utilize the enthusiasm that is usually associated with the beginning of the new school year to plan their study habits, establish routines and develop valuable work practices.

There is no doubt that the home environment plays a crucial role in setting the tone and inspiring outcomes. While your child’s Advisory Teacher will highlight the necessary aspects of making decisions around organization of study routines and time management, parental support and careful encouragement regarding time management and spatial requirements usually help to establish good practice. A desk or work space away from other distractions and consistency in meal times and other family routines always help considerably.

The staff trust that all students use these first weeks to reflect on previous work habits and look for ways to improve their approach. If all students can set a good approach now, it will help them to cope better in the coming weeks and months, when work demands inevitably build, particularly for our older students.


YEAR 11/12 WACE PARENTS EVENING: Tuesday 18th February 17:30-18:30hrs

Year 11 and 12 is an important time for students. For many it is a challenging couple of years and for some the stakes are high in terms of the perceived expectations to succeed. Good self-organisation and self-management skills are therefore of paramount importance. This event is an opportunity for students and their parents to find out more information about the WACE and senior secondary pathways and expectations.

SUNDOWNER: Wednesday 19th February 17:30-18:30hrs

Parents and Guardians are invited to join the Executive Principal and staff for an informal sundowner to welcome you the start of the 2020 school year. This event will be an opportunity for our new and existing parents to meet our staff and enjoy some fellowship with other members of our school community. Drinks and nibbles will be provided so please RSVP to the front office for catering purposes by Monday 17 February. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

ELEVATE STUDY SKILLS PARENTS EVENING: Monday 24 February 17:30-18:30hrs

As outlined above in the self-improvement introduction goal setting, personal organisation and effective time management are viewed as critical elements of a student’s personal planning to ensure successful learning outcomes. Prioritising workload, maximising the time spent studying (and having the tools to do so), ensuring a study environment free from distractions and having the wrap around support from school and family are the building blocks for sustained success.

Next week we will be hosting an Elevate study skills consultant who will be running a series of workshops with stakeholders in our school community to address key aspects of study skills, according to the following schedule:

Monday 24 February

  • 1130-1230hrs Time Management (year 11)
  • 1300-1400hrs Ace Your Exams (year 12)
  • 1515-1615hrs Staff presentation
  • 1730-1830hrs Parents presentation

Tuesday 25 February

  • 0910-1010hrs Study Skills Kickstart (year 7)
  • 1010-1110hrs Study Sensei (year 10)
  • 1130-1230hrs Memory Mnemonics (year 9)
  • 1300-1400hrs Junior Time Management (year 8)

Please be advised of the Parents presentation next Monday 24 February from 1730-1830hrs.

What's on this week (week 3)

  • Tuesday Year 11/12 WACE Parents evening 1730hrs in DMP
  • Tuesday Year 07.1 & 08.1 Prefect Advisory visits (relationship building activities)
  • Wednesday Executive Principal in school
  • Wednesday Mrs Southall (Psychologist) in school (appointments necessary)
  • Wednesday Year 07.2 & 08.2 Prefect Advisory visits (relationship building activities)
  • Wednesday Big Picture Learning Plan meetings (as per Advisory scheduling)
  • Wednesday Parents Sundowner 1730hrs in DMP
  • Thursday Executive Principal in school
  • Friday 07.3 & 08.3 Prefect Advisory visits (relationship building activities)

What's on this week (week 4)

  • Monday Elevate Study Skills Parents evening 1730hrs in D4
  • Monday Elevate Study Skills Students workshops period 3&4 (11/12)
  • Tuesday Elevate Study Skills Students workshops all day (7-10)

Further ahead

  • 02 March WA Day public holiday
  • 03-05 March OLNA Round 1 testing
  • 03 March Year 7&8 Parent Teacher meetings
  • 04 March Good Standing Policy Parents evening

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis