Executive Team Address – Term 2 Week 7


Screen time and students’ mental health

The presence and importance of Digital Technologies in the school curriculum is not a new phenomenon and the educational and developmental benefits of digital technologies are widely recognised. This said, there are concerns expressed by educators and parents about the impact that technology can have on the mental health of children, arguably now more so than ever before.

“Long gone are the days where students would write essays by hand or gather research materials from hardcover books. More and more, students now have access to devices like personal computers, mobile phones and tablets in the classroom. While these technologies have tremendous benefits for students' learning and social development, they have also presented new challenges for our educators”.

Teacher Bulletin (04 November 2019)

Findings from a recent global cyber safety survey are shown below in the infographic, which clearly highlights the risk exposure that our children have to cyberbullying and explicit violent or sexual online content.


Dominique Russell (18 March 2020)

And whilst Australia may be ranked 2nd in the ten safest countries for online safety, this provides little comfort for schools and parents who are at the coal face dealing with the fallout from excessive screen time and inappropriate use of technology to the detriment of self and others.

At EACS we do our best to support the mental health and wellbeing of students in this vitally important area in the following ways:

  • All students sign a comprehensive 'Ipad and Internet User Agreement’ when they enrol.
  • Digital Technologies is a compulsory learning area until the end of Year 8.
  • Strong internet filters are in place in the School, limiting access to content and website.
  • Daily cyber reports tracking what students are searching, browsing and downloading are produced and presented to the Associate Principals, for their review and action, if necessary.
  • Standalone ‘Keeping Safe’ Child Protection Curriculum is taught during pastoral ‘Advisory’ sessions.
  • The School has comprehensive policies on mobile phone use in school limiting the use to before or after school, except under special circumstances.
  • There are appropriate consequences for students who breach protocols or demonstrate a lack of social responsibility when using their technological devices.

As we continue to look for ways to maximise the educational benefits of technology usage, whilst being mindful of keeping children safe at all times, we appreciate the role and influence that parents have in the home environment in supporting the School to meet its objectives.

Below are a few tips for parents to set boundaries for digital device use in your home

  • No devices in the bedroom for younger children (under 15).
  • All screens off in bedrooms after a certain time for older children.
  • All screens off at least one hour before planned bedtime.
  • All family members switch off all devices at dinner time.
  • Devices could be charged overnight in a place your child cannot access.


Student Achievements

Aussie of the Month - May

The Aussie of the Month award recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the school and wider community, reflecting the values we share as Australians, including:

  • A sense of fair play
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Commitment to community participation
  • A real concern for the environment and others

Each month staff reflect upon each student’s participation, engagement and achievement across all aspects of school endeavour. Congratulations to the following students who are deserving winners of the Aussie of the Month award for the month of May:

  • Year 7 Winston Towell
  • Year 8 Lucas Tobin
  • Year 9 Bailey Fiegert
  • Year 10 Joane Wilson
  • Year 11 Kirsten McCrea
  • Year 12 Zowie Fiegert


WA Child Safety Services Workshops

Below are upcoming FREE workshops that the PCWA is offering the Goldfields Esperance community via zoom, facilitated by WA Child Safety Services:

  • Protective Behaviours
    Wednesday 10 June 6:30-9:00pm (Bookings: GoldfieldsEsperance.PCWA@anglicarewa.org.au)
  • Cyber Safety
    Wednesday 17 June 6:30-9:00pm (Bookings: GoldfieldsEsperance.PCWA@anglicarewa.org.au)
  • Impacts of Pornography
    Wednesday 24 June 6:30-9:00pm (Bookings: GoldfieldsEsperance.PCWA@anglicarewa.org.au)

For further information on the content of these sessions please view the school’s Facebook page or email Mr Clark (iclark@eacs.wa.edu.au)

What's on this week (Week 7)

  • 08 June Year 7&8 rotation 2 electives commence
  • 8-12 June Year 10-12 Exams
  • 9-12 June Executive Principal in school
  • 09 June Staff Professional learning (Effective Pedagogical Practices)
  • 10 June Staff Professional learning (Effective Pedagogical Practices)

Year 10 Exam Schedule (Week 7)

  • 08 June Mathematics
  • 09 June HASS
  • 10 June English
  • 11 June Science
  • 12 June Exam catch-up day

Year 11 Exam Schedule (Week 7) - Anglican Parish Church

  • 08 June English
  • 09 June Chemistry & Psychology
  • 10 June Human Biology
  • 11 June Geography
  • 12 June Mathematics (Applications)

Year 12 Exam Schedule (Week 7) - Anglican Parish Church

  • 08 June English
  • 09 June Chemistry & Psychology
  • 10 June Biology & Mathematics (Specialist)
  • 11 June Geography & PE Studies & Physics
  • 12 June Mathematics (Applications) & Mathematics (Methods)

Year 12 Externally Set Task Schedule - General students

  • 10 June Mathematics (Essentials)
  • 16 June PE Studies
  • 17 June Childcare, Computer Science, Outdoor Education, Visual Arts
  • 18 June English, Career and Enterprise

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis