Executive Team Address – Term 3 Week 3

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address


Community Service at EACS

Community service is defined as ‘Activities undertaken for the benefit of individuals and/or community for no financial reward’.

Service to others is a part of the culture at Esperance Anglican Community School. By participating in community service, students gain a practical understanding of their role as a member of the local and global community. They learn that giving of one’s time and other resources is a responsibility that we must all assume.

The Community Service Program at EACS encourages students to develop an appreciation of the need to understand, respect, serve and care for others and our environment. This is aligned with our goals and that of the Anglican Schools Commission (Justice and Respect).

Students participating in Community Service can be expected to gain a better understanding of people and the issues impacting on their well-being and understand that they can make a difference to the community in which they live through their actions.

Criteria (completion requirements)

The required hours gradually increase throughout lower and middle school. The minimum expectation of each student is as follows:


What qualifies as community service -examples of service-learning activities.

Activities that count towards community service hours may fall into the following categories:

  • School based service activities (e.g. Nulsen Breakfast Club, peer support or student leadership activities, backstage school production, musical recitals for senior citizens, school busy bees, subject or advisory group activities that serve the community)
  • Volunteering in the community activities (e.g. service through a local organisation, unpaid umpiring, coaching or scoring for your sporting club, serving at an event, Keep Esperance Beautiful clean-up days, participation in tree-planting or coastal weed management activities, Youth Advisory Council)
  • Home based service activities (e.g. gardening or domestic chores for an elderly relation or neighbour, unpaid babysitting for a neighbour)
  • Training to carry out service activities (e.g. first-aid certificate, surf rescue certificate if going on patrol, umpiring or coaching certificates, safe-food handling certificate)
  • Fundraising activities(e.g. Anglicare Sleepout, preparing for and hosting a fundraising event, seeking sponsorship for the 40-hour famine (however participation in the 40hour famine does not count).

What doesn’t qualify as community service

Activities that do not count towards community service hours:

  • activities that students receive payment for (e.g. paid umpiring or babysitting)
  • activities that are a normal expectation as a member of one’s immediate family (e.g. household chores such as washing dishes, tidying your room up, putting out the garbage, mowing the lawn)
  • activities that are undertaken as part of a work placement or internship

Recording (Folios)

Students create a service-learning Folio in Seqta Learn to record their service learning. Students should maintain their Folio as a means to record activities completed during induction, planning, participation and reflection on community service opportunities. There are three sections that students are required to complete for each service activity they log post induction phase.

  • Prepare: Before participating in a service activity, students are to answer some simple questions regarding what they are expecting to do and learn through this opportunity
  • Act: Student record the details of their service activity and have a supervising adult signtheir logbook.
  • Reflect: Students complete a series of questions reflecting on what they have learnt about themselves and others by serving in this way.

Students will need to record evidence of community service completed both in school and out of hours (after school, weekends, holidays). This may be in the form of a photo, or a note from a responsible adult who has acted in a supervisory capacity throughout the activity. This evidence can be easily added to a student’s Folio in SEQTA.

Throughout Semester One COVID-19 placed a significant dampener on students’ ability to fulfil community service obligations. Now that the new semester has commenced, in more favourable circumstances,it is hoped (and expected) that students get their service-learning journey’s back on track, mindful of the hours that they need to eclipse throughout the remainder of the year.

Fulfilling community service hours each term is a requirement of a student maintaining their status of Good Standing!


Anglicare 'WA Schools Sleepout' 2020

This Friday 07 August EACS students and staff will be supporting the Anglicare ‘WA Schools Sleepout’ community fundraising initiative. All funds raised go directly to Anglicare ‘WA'sStreetConnect’ service-Perth's only mobile youth homelessness service-helping young people get their lives back on track. In supporting this event students will be throwing their support behind the 3,000 young Western Australians who go to sleep homeless everynight.

The following students will be participating:

K.Baker, A.Burnside, L.Burnside, C.Crawford, B.Fiegert, Z.Fiegert, S.Garvey, L.Greatrex, M.Johnson, M.McGrinder, K.Morris, J.Nelson, E.Rossiter, M.Scott, I.Stone, R.Symonds, G.Viviers, C.Walter, C.Warner, T.Wynne

If you would like to donate funds in support of our students’ fundraising effort, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the fundraising site: https://anglicarewaschoolsleepout.org.au/
  2. Click on ‘Donate’
  3. Search for and select ‘Team Esperance’
  4. Enter donation amount (any amount great or small is gratefully received)
  5. Enter donation details (firstname, lastname, email address –or click ‘Keep anonymous’)
  6. Enter credit card details
  7. Click 'Donate'

Year 11 and 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

Best wishes for the week ahead.

The date of this important calendar event is this Wednesday 05 August from 3.30 –6.00pm. At this halfway point in the year and post receiving Semester 1 Reports and Statements of Achievement, this is avaluable opportunity for parents to attend with their children to speak with subject teachers about participation, progress and attainment. Appointments should be made online via the ‘School Interviews’ link, which

What's on this week (Week 3)

  • Monday Australian Mathematics Competition (9&10)
  • Tuesday Rev'd Peter Laurence OAM CEO Anglican Schools Commission in School
  • Tuesday-Thursday Executive Principal Mr Bartell in School
  • Wednesday Australian Mathematics Competition (11&12)
  • Wednesday Year 11/12 Parent Teacher meetings
  • Friday Free Dress Day fundraiser –Pyjama Day
  • Friday Anglicare WA Schools Sleepout (years 9-12)

What's coming up

  • 10 August Year 9 OLNA Pre-qualification (Writing)
  • 12 August Year 9/10 Parent Teacher meetings
  • 12 August Year 9 OLNA Pre-qualification (Reading)
  • 13 August Year 9 OLNA Pre-qualification (Numeracy)
  • 13-14 August Albany Inter-school Surfing (note date change)
  • 19 August School Photographs day
  • 20 August EACS Chess Championships 2020 (new online format)
  • 21 August Specialist Netball and Tennis Scholarship testing
  • 22 August Academic Scholarship testing
Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis