Executive Team Address – Term 4 Week 9

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address

“Do everything possible to live in peace with everybody.” ” Romans 12:18 (c) GNB

Application: If someone keeps standing on your toes - try moving your toes somewhere else. Keep the peace
wherever possible and you will have harmony

On This Day in History

Born on this day

  • 1542 Mary, Queen of Scots, is born.

Australian Explorers

  • 1801 Flinders explores and charts King George's Sound (later Albany) in Western Australia.

World History

  • 1590 Sunspots are noted by sailor James Welsh in one of the few pre-Galileo observances.
  • 1980 Singer, songwriter and former member of "The Beatles", John Lennon, is murdered.
  • 1991 Leaders of Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine meet to sign an agreement establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States, signalling the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


As we look back on a year that has been unprecedented, let us hope that COVID-19 is now behind us and we can look forward to the new year with not only hope, but with a great deal of optimism also.

As this is the final ETA for the term may we take this opportunity, once again, to thank all staff, students and parents for the manner in which you have embraced and dealt with a year that has been like no other.

Semester Reports

Semester Reports will be made available to students and parents via Seqta Learn (Students) and Engage
(Parents) on Tuesday 15 December. With this in mind this ETA focusses on the information available to assist
you in making sense of the report once received.

Progress Report - The nature of this report is a Final Report, reflecting achievement across the entire year.

Subject Report - The subject report informs you about your child’s academic attainment, effort and progress
throughout the semester, including aspects relating to work habits and attitude. The report also shows the
percentage of students in the five achievement bands for all learning areas taught.

Feedback - Feedback is an important aspect of the reporting process. But rather than a written subject comment,
the school now provides more immediate and specific written feedback for each student and the work they have
completed throughout the year across multiple assessment opportunities. We feel that this is a far more
powerful and intuitive means of reporting to parents. Ongoing assessment feedback can be gleamed directly via
the Seqta communication portal under the ‘Assessments’ tab.

The Achievement Standard grade descriptors are shown below:

A = Excellent The student demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for this year level.
B = High The student demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for this year level.
C = Satisfactory The student demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for this year level.
D = Limited The student demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for this year level.
E = Very Low The student demonstrates very low achievement of what is expected for this year level.

The semester Performance Descriptors are shown below:

Attitude — Does the student demonstrate the right attitude for the lesson?
Behaviour — Does the student demonstrate appropriate behaviour during the lesson?
Effort — Does the student display consistent and genuine levels of effort during the lesson?
Organisation — Does the student bring the required books and materials to their lesson?
Completion of homework — Does the student complete assigned homework tasks with genuine intent and to a satisfactory standard?

Advisory Tutor Report - The Advisory report encapsulates an overall summary of progress and achievement
across all learning areas as well as the level of student engagement during Advisory Group and co-curricular
activities. It is also an opportunity for the Advisory Group Tutor to report on each child’s social and emotional
wellbeing and development.



Celebration and Awards Night

This Tuesday 8th December we come together as a school community for our annual Night of Celebration and
Awards. Due to COVID-19 Government regulations in place for mass gatherings, which limits capacity at the Civic Centre to only 60%, this year only Award winners and invited guests will be able to attend. New COVID tracking ‘sign in rules’ are also mandated, so please arrive in good time in anticipation of delays. Students and family members are asked to arrive and be seated by 1815hrs for a prompt 1830hrs start.

As the evening is one of formalities students are expected to be appropriately attired in formal school uniform.
Blazers should be clean. Shoes should be polished. Hair should be neatly groomed and tied back if necessary.
Courteous and respectful behaviour is the expectation throughout the course of the evening

The following Award Guidelines have been reflected upon and applied when determining award recipients.

For all school-based awards students must have been enrolled at EACS for a minimum of ONE Semester and still
be enrolled at the time of the Celebration and Awards Night to be eligible.

Subject Awards 7-10

Subject Prizes are awarded to students in Years 7-10 who have achieved the highest academic attainment for
each subject. A subject prize shall NOT be awarded if students have not demonstrated an overall A grade in a
specific subject.

Subject Awards 11-12

Subject Prizes are awarded to students in Years 11-12 who have achieved the highest academic attainment for
each subject. A subject prize shall NOT be awarded if students have not demonstrated an overall B grade in a
specific subject.

Academic Awards 7-12

Academic Achievement Awards are awarded to the student from each year level who have attained the highest
academic attainment across ALL academic subjects.

Years 7-10

Students must demonstrate attainment, across a minimum of FOUR subjects, a grade of B or above with NO
subject rating under a C.

Years 11-12 (ATAR & General)

Students must demonstrate attainment at a level, across a minimum of FOUR ATAR or THREE GENERAL subjects,
a grade of B or above with NO subject rating under a C.

Award calculation

The award is calculated by:

  • Calculating a course mark (%) based on yearlong data in each academic learning area.
  • Calculating a combined course average (%) across all academic learning areas.
  • Mathematics Methods and Specialist subjects receive a 10% bonus added to the final coursemark
    before calculating the combined course average percentage

To be eligible for consideration a student must have attained an overall combined course average percentage
greater than or equal to 65%
with NO subject rating under a C.

A grade of D or below rules a student ineligible for this award.

Athlete of the Year

Awarded to the students determined by staff as being the best junior and senior athlete within the school. The
students receiving this award will have actively participated in school sporting opportunities and will have
achieved at a proficient level during Physical Education obtaining a grade of B or above. A high level of
sportsmanship is also required.

Music Awards

Awarded to the students determined by staff as being the best junior and senior musicians within the
school. The students receiving this award will have actively participated in all aspects of the school’s music
program. A high level of dedication is required to be evident in the recipient students and a desire for ongoing
self-improvement and the ability to be a positive contributor and role model within the group.

Big Picture Award

The Big Picture prize is awarded to the student who has shown growth and determination in setting and
achieving personal learning goals whilst developing skills in self-management, planning and organisation,
initiative, problem solving and communication. The student should demonstrate an ability
to develop professional relationships and more generally be an outstanding role model and advocate for the Big
Picture design both in our school and local community.

Service to the School Awards

Awarded to the student/s determined by staff as having the greatest contribution and commitment to the school
in terms of supporting staff, being an effective leader and role model and using initiative to volunteer time and
resources in both a school and school community context, which is more than one might expect under normal

Caltex Best All Rounder Award (Year 12)

Is a presentation to ONE student in Year 12 who has excelled in the following categories throughout the year,
though not necessarily all of them:

  • Academic – achieves scholastically across a range of subjects
  • Attitude – willing to help others; makes selfless contributions
  • Personal conduct – exemplary at all times
  • Leadership – a role model for other students
  • Service – participates in school and community activities
  • Sport – represents the school without necessarily being a champion
  • Arts – participates enthusiastically in the cultural and artistic life of the school

Student Achievements

Albany Inter-school Athletics

On Monday 13 students represented EACS at the GSSSSA Inter-school Athletics Carnival in Albany. In picture
perfect track and field conditions our students did themselves proud, achieving some excellent individual results
across the day. Most notable of all was Lauren Ware’s Champion Girl status in the Year 10 age group.
Congratulations to all students listed below.

  • Year 7: L. Clark, I. Greene, I.Drayton, L. Maloney, J. Meyer
  • Year 8: D. South
  • Year 9: H. Winfield, R. Mott, C. Tate
  • Year 10: B. Hartley, L. Ware, J. Holberton, K. Royle

EACS Athletics Squad


Lauren Ware

Amber Patupis-Retsas Showjumping

Amber Patupis-Retsas continues to go from strength to strength in the world of horse show jumping with a
recent dominant display at the Yalambi Showjumping Classic with her horse Touchstone Felix. Notable highlights
for Amber were 1st place in the 1.0m Yalambi Open event with over 60 competitors and 2nd place in the 1.10m
Yalambi Open event with over 80 competitors. Amber entered 5 classes and scored 5 ribbons – a remarkable
achievement indeed. Amber then followed this success up with a 16th place at the prestigious Equestrian in the
Park Showjumping event in Perth, which included her jumping clear and over the ‘Joker’. Unfortunately, due to
the event being judged on optimal time she was too fast to feature in the placings.


Amber and Touchstone Felix

What's on this week (week 9)

Monday Inter-school Athletics, Albany
Tuesday Executive Principal and Executive Chair in School
Tuesday Celebration and Awards Evening
Wednesday Advanced Standing reward lunch
Thursday Last day of the year for students – Activities Day
Thursday Lions Cancer Institute fundraising – FREE DRESS DAY

Further ahead

15 December Semester Two Reports released
29 January 2021 Year 7 Induction morning
01 February 2021 All Students commence
01 March 2021 Labour Day Holiday
01 April 2021 Students and Staff finish
02 April 2021 Good Friday
05 April 2021 Easter Monday

Best wishes for the week ahead and for a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis