Executive Team Address – Term 1 Week 2

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address

What's on this week (week 2)

Monday Assembly
Tuesday Seqta Parents Presentation
Thursday Parents Sundowner
Friday Executive Principal in School
Friday School Ball

Further ahead

16 February Good Standing Parents Presentation
22 February Elevate ‘Study Skills’ Parents Presentation
23 February Elevate ‘Study Skills’ Students Presentation
24 February Year 7 and 8 Parent Teacher Interviews
25 February New staff and Prefects Commissioning


“Every Lesson Matters”

At the first assembly to kickstart the new year all students were posed with a personal challenge, that being to recognise that ‘every lesson matters’! The undertone is students making the most of every learning opportunity afforded them to derive maximum benefit from the holistic education on offer. Whether academic, pastoral, co-curricular or extra-curricular all students were given this charge, or put more simply, a recipe for success for 2021.

The tools for success were also communicated to the students:

F OCUS Choosing Your Attitude – always embrace a positive approach to learning.
I NITIATE Being There – Be engaged in learning activities and be present in the moment when interacting with others.
S TRIVE Make Their Day – Go out of your way to make other people feel valued and appreciated
H ARNESS Play – Enjoy your learning but do so in a respectful and inclusive manner.

In summary, the four principles of the FISH! Philosophy were identified and reinforced as the pillars of engagement for students to get the most from their learning opportunities and social and personal relationships.

“Every Student Every Lesson” – Because we CARE!

It is important to recognise that EACS being the thriving place of learning that it seeks to be is commensurate on the fact that staff also have a pivotal role to play. The collective goal for staff in 2021 in helping students achieve their goals is ‘every student every lesson’!

The rationale for staff achieving this end was clearly articulated. Through our teaching and School Improvement objectives staff are committed to:

C elebrating Mistakes – We want students to ‘have a go’. To be active participants in their own learning. When mistakes are being made learning is taking place and that is something to be celebrated.
A ppreciating Differences – ‘At Esperance Anglican Community School we aim to educate the whole person – in mind, body and spirit – as a unique individual each with their own talents and capabilities.’
R elaying Feedback – Through providing effective and ongoing feedback staff are committed to providing students with meaningful feedback on their classwork and assessments to bolster learning outcomes.
E valuating Ourselves – Staff, through their Effective Pedagogical Practices School Improvement agenda, are committed to self-reflection on their own teaching practices to become even better teachers.

The underpinning reason why Teachers teach, why we commit to working with young people day in day out throughout the year can not be more simply exemplified than that stated in the mantra of 2021 – because we CARE!


Seqta Parents Presentation

This event is this Tuesday 09 February from 5.30pm in D4. For those new parents to Seqta or any parent seeking a refresher in navigating the features of the Seqta Student-Parent-Teacher portal you are most welcome to attend.


This event is this Thursday 11 February from 5.30pm in DMP. It is an informal opportunity for all parents to reconnect, meet new families and staff and here from the Executive Principal. Drinks and nibbles will be provided. RSVPs essential for catering purposes to the front office by Wednesday 10 February please.

School Ball

This event is this Friday 12 February at Newtown Football Club. It is the highlight of the Year 11 and 12 social calendar and we wish all the year 11 and 12 students in attendance a wonderful evening.

Padlocks - lockers

All students are required to have a padlock for their lockers. This was a stipulation on the booklist. The reasons are both practical (aesthetic appeal and lockers being less susceptible to exposure to the elements) and with student privacy in mind - all students must keep phones in their lockers throughout the school day. Parent support in acquiring a padlock for your child/ren is urgently appreciated.

New multi-purpose courts

Over the break our existing tennis courts were cleaned and resurfaced to include multi-purpose basketball and netball markings and basketball and netball rings. It is a wonderful new facility that further enhances the facilities and activity provision available to our students.

New students – congratulations

Congratulations to all new students to the school on the positive attitude and energy that you have brought to your first week of school at EACS. It is great to have you on board as students of this wonderful school and we are an enriched school community as a result.


Best wishes for the week ahead and for a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis