Executive Team Address – Term 1 Week 3

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address

What's on this week (week 3)

Monday Assembly
Tuesday Good Standing Parents Presentation
Friday Chapel 7-9

Further ahead

22 February Elevate ‘Study Skills’ Parents Presentation
23 February Elevate ‘Study Skills’ Students Presentation
24 February Year 7 and 8 Parent Teacher Interviews


“Positive Relationships and Social-emotional Wellbeing”

Dedicated pastoral care time is invaluable when considering a School’s ability to offer guidance and support around elements of Social-emotional and Wellbeing for students. In recognition of this important need EACS has provision for 30 minutes of dedicated ‘Advisory’ time built into the timetable each morning.

This time is well spent with weekly assemblies and chapel services to enhance moral and spiritual growth, a comprehensive Child Protection Curriculum and a range of supplementary resources to raise awareness of critical social issues, empowering young people to see themselves as part of the solution, thus giving students the confidence and wherewithal to make more informed and better choices in their lives.

This term the critical issues focus is on ‘Positive Relationships’ and each year group will receive instruction and participate in age-appropriate learning activities, as follows:

Year 7 Respect
Year 8 My Boundaries
Year 9 Violence in Relationships
Year 10 Power, Control and Jealousy
Year 11 Intimacy and Respect
Year 12 Safety and Advocacy

In addition, students will shortly be completing a Social-emotional Wellbeing (SEW) Survey. The survey will provide the school with extensive data on the social-emotional wellbeing of groups of students (for example year level cohorts and whole of school cohort). The Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey asks students about their feelings and behaviours, personal characteristics (character strengths/values, social and emotional skills), and also their experiences within the context of their families, schools and communities.

What is social-emotional wellbeing?

According to the survey’s author Professor Michael E. Bernard, social-emotional wellbeing of young people is a broad construct encompassing:

(1) The range of positive and negative emotions and behaviours that young people experience on a regular basis in different areas of their lives (schoolwork, peer relationships, family, extra-curricular activities, involvement in community) such as achieving one’s potential (academic, social, personal), engagement, happiness, helping others as well as (relative absence of) anger, depression, loneliness, underachievement and substance abuse.

(2) The extent of the character strengths and social, emotional and learning competence of young people such as optimism, resilience, caring and respect.

(3) The degree of environmental nurturance, stimulation and connectedness young people experience in their home, school and community including but not limited to positive relationships, high expectations for achievement and behaviour, programs and activities that accommodate their interests and opportunities to be involved in decision-making.

(Professor Michael E. Bernard, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne).

Analysis and Discussion of Data is a priority School Improvement domain for EACS Staff in 2021 and it is both hoped and envisaged that in dissecting and analysing the data gleamed from the survey, we are going to be better placed to offer targeted school programs to foster higher levels of social- emotional wellbeing in our students so they feel supported at school in developing their abilities to control their worries, describe their feelings, and solve problems without conflict through good resilient and inter-personal skills.


Good Standing Parents Presentation

This event is scheduled for this Tuesday 16 February from 5.30pm. New and existing parents seeking greater insight into our reward and discipline framework are encouraged to attend.

Elevate Study Skills Parents Presentation

This event is scheduled for Monday 22 February from 5.30pm. If you would like to know more about how you can best assist your children with their study routines and habits, then this is a must attend event.

Year 7&8 Parent Teacher Interviews

This event is scheduled for Wednesday 24 February from 3.30pm. This is an early opportunity to meet with core subject Teachers (English, HASS, Mathematics, Science) to gain perspective on how your children are settling in.

School Ball

This event was held last Friday 12 February at Newtown Football Club. It was a wonderful evening with the EACS students not only looking great but acquitting themselves well throughout the course of the evening. The awards were as follows:

Beau Jaxon Daw
Belle Lucy Hart
Cutest couple oane Wilson and Sean Fowler
Best arrival Fire truck crew (Trent Appleton, Ashton Burnside, Luke Ietto Finlay McKenzie, Kelly Millard, Mikaela Muir)
Best dancer Jerri Gaebler

Best wishes for the week ahead and for a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis