Executive Team Address – Term 2 Week 1

The ‘ETA’ Executive Team Address

What's on this week (Week 1)

Tuesday Whole school assembly
Tuesday ANZAC Exhibition excursion (Year 7,9,11 History)
Wednesday ANZAC Exhibition excursion (Year 8,10)
Wednesday Omnibus NAPLAN Practice test (Year 7&9)
Thursday Anglicare 'Healthy Relationships' workshops
Friday Anglicare 'Healthy Relationships' workshops
Friday 7-9 Chapel

Further ahead

26 April Anzac Day public holiday
29 April Netball Cup, Albany
30 April 10-12 Chapel
3-7 May Year 12 Outdoor Education Camp
4-6 May Executive Principal in School
7 May 7-9 Chapel
10 May Full changeover into Winter School Uniform
11-14 May NAPLAN Online testing
13 May UWA Health and Medical Sciences presentation
14 May 10-12 Chapel
17-21 May NAPLAN Online catch-up testing
17 May Rotation 2 electives commence (Year 7&8)
19-20 May Anglicare 'Poverty and Inequality' workshops
21 May 7-9 Chapel
26 May Inter-house Cross-Country Championships
28 May 10-12 Chapel
31 May - 04 June 10-12 Semester Exams
01-03 June Executive Principal in School
04 June 7-9 Chapel


What defines an EACS student?

Whilst on our annual year 7&8 Metricup Camp this year we were lucky to benefit from the guidance and expertise of one of the Instructors (Pete), a man with whom EACS has had a strong association with over several years. The only difference this year was that Peter had arrived at crossroads in his life where the stresses of running a business and the impact that this was having on his family necessitated change. Things just were not working out for him and the balance in his life was not there anymore. COVID had changed everything! Hence, on this occasion, Peter was working as an Instructor for another company. This time round Peter was the employee and not the boss!

Over the course of the program Pete quickly reacquainted himself with our staff and students. The question was posed “Pete, would you ever start your own business up again?” His response (paraphrased) goes to the heart of the motivation for this week’s reflections:

“Whilst never ruling out such an option if I were to start up again, I would need to do things differently. What I really need to be able to do is capture the essence of EACS as a school and replicate this as a business model”.

The conversation continued, “But our camp structure is quite straight forward, 3 activity days with two days travel either side. Is this structure not easily replicated?”

“It’s not the Program that I need to replicate but the sense of community and inclusivity that drives your camp agenda. It just works! There seems to be a healthy respect amongst staff and students. Everyone’s obliging and working together for the good of the team”.

What amazing endorsement from a man who consistently works with schools and groups of people in a leadership capacity in high-risk outdoor environments.

So back to the question, what defines an EACS student? At EACS we embrace a Country style of student. Students who are sometimes reserved and not always the first ones to put themselves forward. A Country style of student who is sometimes hesitant, yet always obliging, and with time and encouragement, ultimately willing to give things a go.

A Country style of student who shows respect where respect is due and who has a certain innocence that is endearing. A Country style of student who has no hidden agenda, where their heart is worn on their sleeve and where contributions are honest and genuine. A Country style of student who looks out for their mates and who develops close connections with others.

Put simply, when asked or required to ‘step up and be counted’, EACS students time and time again demonstrate that they know how to put their best foot forward at any given time in support of the school’s mission and ethos. This understanding and appreciation for what it means to be an ‘EACSIAN’ is something that is both unique and special and goes to the core and essence of our school culture.


Term 2 start

A reminder that term 2 commences for all students next Tuesday 20 April

Winter Uniform

All students are required to wear formal Winter uniform throughout term’s 2 and 3. This said there is a transition period of two weeks when students may continue to wear Summer uniform should they so wish. By Monday 03 May (start of week 3) all students should have made the full transition into Winter uniform.

School blazers are mandatory uniform items to be worn during term’s 2 and 3. Spray jackets may only be worn over the top of blazers to shield from the elements to stay dry and keep warm. Spray jackets are NOT a substitute for the school blazer.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Jason Bartell
Iain Clark
Lisa Marquis