Choosing a school for your child can be a challenging process. In Esperance we are fortunate to have a choice of high school education. Esperance Anglican Community School offers a unique approach to education providing a caring, Christian environment that nourishes heart, head and hands.

We offer genuine breadth and avoid premature specialisation, to give students the chance to grow and develop their talents over time. Whether a student intends to go to university, begin employment or follow another path, we can provide the education they need to achieve their goals.

We believe that our tight-knit community makes us special. We embrace individuality whilst achieving an overall sense of unity. There is palpable sense of enjoyment present within our campus. EACS really is the place to live and learn in the heart of Esperance.

Student Testimonials

Teachers don’t treat the year 12s like babies but like young adults which helps us feel more comfortable with them and allows us to leave this chapter of our lives behind with the confidence that we will be treated as adults in the workplace.

There was a strong community and a lot of support for the younger years (year 8-10).

There was a strong community and a lot of support for the younger years (year 8-10).

The environment is great - everyone feels welcomed; the principal Mr Kerr is so supportive; just a heaps good school

Parent Testimonials

Our experience so far has been very positive. We really like the introduction of the Big Picture programme and hope our family can benefit from this in the future. Thank you!

Extremely happy with EACS, the staff and management.

This school has been the best thing to happen for my child both academically and on a personal developmental way. He has benefited enormously from the role models the teaching staff and senior management have shown toward him. The school doesn't just talk about helping others less fortunate it actively ...Read More

Thank you for all you have done for both my children. I will be sad to no longer have children at EACS next year.

Overall my family have had a very positive experience with EACS.

I like the School community and leadership. How welcome everyone is made to feel!

I feel that those children who may be overlooked at other schools get more opportunities to develop leadership and teambuilding skills at EACS; It has a friendly feel with positive competitiveness made possible by encouragement from both the staff and fellow students.

The kids are close and mostly friendly.

Students are known, understood and are encouraged to do their best

The school grabs opportunities to participate for the experience, not just if they have a chance at succeeding

Such a wide variety of extra programs for the size of the school - sport, music, manual arts, cooking, breakfast club, school play, surfing, chess etc

I support the belief in, and opportunity for, community service

I appreciate that my child is not just a number.

The size; uniform; discipline are all positive features

Very friendly staff