How to talk to your child about bullying

Being bullied is an unnecessary and anxiety-provoking experience. Bullying causes harm not only to the person being bullied, but also has the potential to harm the bully, families and any witnesses as well. Although a prominent matter, research tells us that children actually have a very limited repertoire of strategies to deal with bullies.

Comment from the Principal – 28th July 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Time marches on and Week 3 beckons already, with much in prospect to build further on a week of activity.


This activity started with our assembly on Monday which saw Lachlan Kerr telling us about his week of sailing adventures on the Leeuwin, reprising his Year 10 Big Picture presentation.

Netball Specialist Program

Dear Student/Carer

Esperance Anglican Community School, in conjunction with Netball WA, are pleased to announce that we are offering a Netball Specialist Program for Years 7 – 10 in 2018.

Students involved in the program will be exposed to both practical and theory lessons during allocated class time, and compete in carnivals and interschool games during the netball season.

Comment from the Principal – 24th July 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you all managed to enjoy some of the recent vacation and that the return to the School has been as smooth as it appears to have been from our perspective.

Canberra Camp

Students in Year 9 who attended this camp will be returning to School today after what was, by all accounts – verbal and via the SEQTA portal – a most enjoyable and successful week.

The benefits of global connections for teenagers

Australia’s excellent reputation for high quality university education, our proximity to Asia and a favourable dollar have boosted education to become Australia’s third biggest export, behind only iron ore and coal. While these statistics relate to tertiary education, as educators our role is to prepare students to succeed in a competitive, globalised world.

The place of technology in the classroom

Technology is all around us. It has become a part of every day life. When we consider the place of technology in the classroom we must think about how we incorporate technology into learning to prepare young people for the future.

In the Future of Jobs report it is said that developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine-learning, robotics, nanotechnology and biotechnology will cause disruption to business models and labour markets within the next five years.

7 benefits of participating in sport

The benefits of participating in sport are widely documented. The health and physical gains are clear but there is good evidence to suggest that physical activity can also improve mental wellbeing and academic performance.

The human brain is like a muscle and just like all of our other muscles, it grows with exercise.