Scholarships & Bursaries


The school is now inviting applications for scholarships and bursaries for entry in 2020; a limited number may be available for entry in the current year.

Key Dates:

Early May scholarships and bursaries are advertised

3rd June Applications close

Mid June Scholarship examinations and interviews with applicants as required

Late June Offers of scholarships and bursaries are made

What are Scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded to those students with significant ability and provide partial remission of the School’s tuition fees for the period of the scholarship. Not all categories of scholarships may be awarded. Scholarships are not awarded to students who are currently attending Esperance Anglican Community School.

A range of Scholarships may be awarded:

  • Academic Scholarships may be offered to students who have a high level of academic ability as demonstrated in a scholarship examination, through current school reports and via a Principal’s reference
  • Expressive Arts Scholarships may be offered to students who display a high level of artistic, dramatic or musical talent, and who have performed or exhibited in the public arena with some success. Applicants will be required to have an audition, or present a portfolio as part of the selection process. In any year where there are a large number of applicants it may not be possible to audition all applicants, or see portfolios, in which case applicants will be selected for audition, or portfolio viewing based on the information provided on the application form, and the needs of the School’s programmes in the expressive arts. Ability will also be judged through current school reports, and a Principal’s reference.
  • Sports Scholarships may be offered to students who display a high level of talent in sport which would normally involve representation at State level. Applicants will be required to undergo a demonstration of their sporting prowess, and ability will also be assessed through current school reports, and a Principal’s or coach’s reference
  • General Excellence Scholarships may be offered to students who have a school record which demonstrates a capacity to benefit from the total programme of the school in studies, sport, the arts and service activities. Ability will be judged through a scholarship examination, current school reports, and a Principal’s reference.

What are Bursaries?

Bursaries provide partial remission of school tuition fees for students who have the potential to contribute to School life but who may not otherwise be in a position to attend a private school due to the family’s financial circumstances.

Why are Scholarships and Bursaries awarded?

Scholarships and bursaries are awarded for three principal reasons:

  • Scholarships support students of high ability to attend Esperance Anglican Community School
  • Scholarships are one of the ways in which the School affirms the high value it places on outstanding academic ability
  • Bursaries make it possible for students to attend the School when financial circumstances of the family would otherwise preclude them, and so promote our philosophy of inclusion

What conditions relate to the awarding of Scholarships?

  • Scholarships and bursaries are reviewed annually to ensure students are maintaining satisfactory academic progress, high standards of citizenship and participation within the life of the School. Students not maintaining the expected minimum standards will have their scholarship or bursary modified or cancelled.

How many scholarships are awarded and how much are they worth?

The School awards a small number of scholarships and bursaries each year at the discretion of the Principal within policy guidelines approved by the School Council. Not all advertised scholarships or bursaries may be awarded in any year.

Academic Scholarships are usually worth between 10% and 50% rebate of the annual tuition fee. The actual percentage rebate is set in light of the student’s performance on the scholarship examination and his or her assessed capacity to benefit from, and contribute to, the total programme of the school. In cases of financial need, an Academic Scholarship may be augmented by a School Bursary. Families believing that they may be eligible for such assistance are invited to complete the confidential Application for Fee Assistance obtainable from the School Office on request.

Music Scholarships usually provide free tuition on one instrument to be learnt at the school. The scholarship may also include a percentage rebate of annual tuition fees dependent on a student’s demonstrated academic ability.

School Bursaries will be assessed individually based on the individual family’s financial circumstances and the student’s capacity to contribute to the life of the school.

How to Apply:

Applications must be submitted on an EACS Application for Scholarship or Bursary.

Applicants must provide the following documentation in support of their application:

  1. A 250 word personal statement written by the student explaining why they wish to attend Esperance Anglican Community School
  2. A written reference from their current school principal
  3. A copy of their two most recent semester reports and any standardised testing results such as NAPLAN, WAMSE or OLNA

Please note:

  • Students applying for a scholarship will be required to pay a fee of $25.00, payable at the time of their application, to help defray the costs of the application process
  • Families of students applying for assistance for financial reasons will need to complete and submit, in confidence, a form (available from the School Office) outlining their family’s financial circumstances

The Principal reserves the right to:

  • Not award scholarships and bursaries in any year
  • Award a scholarship or bursary for a period of one or more years
  • Extend a scholarship or bursary for an existing recipient


Scholarship Form