Netball Specialist Program

Statement of aims and objectives:

Esperance Anglican Community School Netball Specialist Program has been established to develop players not only as athletes, but as officials, coaches and umpires. As a school we wish to assist in the growth and development of our students as role models in the netball community.


The staff that will be delivering the program are very experienced having coached for over 15 years, attained Netball Australia Intermediate Coaching Accreditation and coached at the highest level locally. Staff have also been involved in the Talent Development Squad for many years.

External Coaches:

Esperance Anglican Community School is focused on integrating the community into the Netball Specialist program: invitations to other intermediate coaches will be issued to extend the athletes’ development as necessary.

Link to Esperance Netball Association:

Our school wishes to work with the Esperance Netball Association. Our students and athletes will be encouraged to volunteer as officials, coaches and umpires, as well as playing in both the senior and junior competitions.

Athlete Selection Process:

Students will be trialled and selected based on the following criteria:

  • Athletic ability (netball experience and potential)
  • Behaviour (all subjects, attitude and attendance)
  • Grades (all subjects, with significance on Health and Physical Education). A copy of your child’s last report must be given along with the ‘expression of interest form’
  • Commitment (to school, the program and future success)

Netball Program Content:

Esperance Anglican Community School will implement the National Netball Curriculum as well as off-court education programs. Students involved in the program will be exposed to both practical and theory lessons during allocated class time, and compete in carnivals and interschool games during the netball season. Students accepted into the program will have the opportunity to learn the following:

Practical Theory
  • Skill development
  • Individual skills (ball handling, footwork, throwing and catching etc.)
  • Group skills (transitional strategy, timing driving, communication etc.)
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Umpiring
  • Fitness
  • Coaching
  • Pre-season training
  • Game and training preparation
  • Nutrition
  • Game play strategy and tactics (diagrams and plays) Injury prevention and management
  • Rules and roles of the game
  • Inclusive practice
  • Coaching (roles, leadership, styles)
  • Body systems (muscles, bones, organs)

Netball Curriculum Content:

Development Advanced Elite
Movement Skills
  • Take off and sprint
  • Sprint and stop
  • Working a number of combinations
  • Jump off right and left foot and both feet simultaneously
  • Land and balance on right or left foot and both feet
  • Pivot (outside turn)
  • Sprint and change direction
  • Change of pace
  • Side running
  • Speed of footwork
  • Recovery footwork
  • Turn in the air
  • Pivot in all directions
  • Turning from a sprint movement
  • Safe landing after sprint
Ball Skills
  • Introduce one hand control
  • Bounce pass
  • Lob
  • Catch – snatch
  • Overhead pass
  • Use of ball of either side of body
  • Introduce the fake
  • Speed and timing on release of pass
  • Varity of options under pressure
  • Catch high and low ball one handed
  • Hook ball into catch
  • Advanced use of ball on either side of body
  • Fake
  • Hip pass
  • Step around pass
Attacking Skills
  • Double dodge
  • Two leads
  • Re-offer
  • Combine into simple movements on court
  • Lunge
  • Lead and drop
  • Clear and drive
  • Hold
  • Half roll, full roll
  • Front cut
  • Feeders hitting the circle
  • Space awareness
  • Vision
  • Timing
  • Decision making
  • Communication skills
  • Drive, stop and lunge back
  • Double play
  • Screens
  • Attack against area defence and off-line
Defending Skills
  • Defensive footwork
  • Shadow defence
  • First ball pressure to a contest
  • Interception
  • Recovery to three feet (0.9 meters)
  • Combine simple movements into defending actions
  • Defend the shot – lean and jump
  • rebounding
  • Body control/repositioning
  • Positioning side and back
  • Two on one
  • Two back and up
  • Sagging
  • Hands over the ball to dictate pass
  • Delay and deny space
  • Defending around the goal circle
  • Split circle
  • Work together in/out of the circle
  • Communication skills
  • Defend the shot – inside hang and block out
  • Keeping attackers off edge of circle
  • Area/zone
  • Off-line
  • Defend the shot – greater variation including windmill and double jump
Shooting skills
  • Basic shooting action increasing distance from post
  • Rebounding
  • Introduce working together, in and out of circle
  • Technique correct and accurate
  • Step, forward, back and side
  • Fake shot
  • Falling out of court shot
  • Work rate and the shot
  • Working together, in and out of the circle with greater variation – including screens
  • Communication skills
  • Jump shot
  • Shuffle shot
  • Variation on timing and release
  • Basic centre pass attack and defence – one on one
  • Basic throw-ins
  • Variation of centre pass – two on one
  • Variation of basic throw-ins
  • Outlet pass
  • Transition from attack to defence and vice versa penalty pass/shot and free pass
  • Greater variety on centre pass attack set up – screens/overload
  • Greater variety on throws-ins
  • Work relate and intensity

Netball Specialist Scholarship Application