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A day in the life of a boarding student

Boarding gives students from remote locations the opportunity to mix with a broader range of peers, and provides students with access to curricular and co-curricular activities that may otherwise not be available to them. It eliminates lengthy commutes for students in rural areas while providing a safe, structured environment with rules and routine.

What is the Big Picture Program?

Earlier this year we announced the launch of the Big Picture Program for Year 10 students at Esperance Anglican Community School. This innovative program has been introduced to cater to the specific needs of individual students and instil a love of learning in these young learners.

Ten survival tips for Year 12 students

Getting through Year 12 does not have to be an act of ‘survival’. Adopting some simple study techniques and being prepared can be all it takes to successfully navigate through the penultimate year of school.

As our 2017 Leavers embark on their final year of high school study, we have prepared ten survival tips for Year 12 students.

How to make the most of boarding school

Boarding school is a unique life experience that can have a lasting effect on young people. There are a number of significant benefits that can arise from this experience – lifelong friendships; university preparedness; the development of valuable life skills, both household and financial.

Explaining academic success

There are many factors that contribute to a child’s academic success that extend beyond aptitude and intelligence. While these two factors are of course requisites, it’s important that students learn how to approach their education to gain successful results.