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Student and School Achievements


Plans have been drawn-up for landscaping the area between the Dempster Building and McVay House and these will be discussed at the meeting of the Parents and Friends next week. The aim will be to involve the whole School community in the construction and planting once we have agreed the final design.

Year 11 Student Leadership

As part of our leadership training all Year 11 students will serve as Pro-Prefects for the first five weeks of the term, and will fulfil a variety of roles to allow the School to see them in action, demonstrating their capacities in the areas of leadership and teamwork.

Year 9 Masters of Mince

Six students from Year 9 reached the final of our Mince Masters competition after a series of preliminary rounds. In the final round students had to design and prepare a meal for two people that is in-line with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, using 100g of mince (chicken, beef, lamb or pork) and a selection of the other ingredients provided.