Support Groups

Parents and Friends Association

The Parent and Friends Association (PFA) of EACS was formed in April 2015 in response to a growing willingness of parents to become involved with the School community on a more formal basis. The PFA wishes to promote a sense of community within the School by encouraging mutually beneficial relationships between staff, parents and carers, students, School Council members, the Parish and friends of the School. Specifically it exists to further the interests of the School socially, educationally and financially through:

  • Liaison and co-operation with the Principal
  • Assisting with various School activities
  • Organising activities and social events
  • Raising funds to assist the School in meeting its stated objectives as contained - in the School Plan

Any funds raised will be applied solely for the promotion of the Parents and Friends Association's objectives except for the remuneration of genuine and approved expenses incurred in this promotion.

The current office bearers are:

  • President - Cindy Sharpe
  • Vice President - Emily Podmore
  • Secretary - Belinda Jones
  • Treasurer - Mic Kerr
  • Committee - Linda Tobin, Julie Withers, Joanne King, Helen Warner, Sharon Slater,
  • Fiona Hoffrichter-Wagenknecht, Marni Topping