At Esperance Anglican Community School we value:

  • Excellence in education with an Anglican foundation
  • Confidence
  • Resilience and responsibility
  • Service


At Esperance Anglican Community School we believe that:

  • Our School should be a safe place where people can grow and develop without fear or ridicule
  • We should nurture spiritual growth in all members of our community through the development of Christian belief as enshrined in the traditions of the Anglican Communion
  • All activities must be pursued to the highest possible standard to allow for the fulfillment of the talents with which we have been blessed
  • Our students should be encouraged to develop an appreciation of the need to understand, respect, serve and care for others and for our environment
  • Students should be encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle to promote their well-being through their participation in a range of activities
  • A commitment to high standards of behaviour, self-discipline and resilience will contribute to the quality of life in the School community
  • Students will learn most effectively when a love of learning is promoted and where creative, critical and reflective learning is encouraged
  • All students should be able to leave the School with the highest level of academic achievement consistent with their capabilities
  • Staff appointed to the School should be well-qualified and trained, and committed fully to the philosophy of the education provided here
  • Our facilities should be of the highest quality and developed with environmental sustainability as a key feature
  • Systems, including information technology, must be efficient and effective to facilitate the smooth operation of the School


Service to others is part of our culture at Esperance Anglican Community School. By participating in community service, students gain a practical understanding of their role as a member of the local and global community. They learn that giving of one’s time and other resources is a responsibility we must all assume. Throughout their six years at the School all students participate in a wide range of community activities, undertaking voluntary work in their local community and supporting those in need in the wider community.

Examples of events and activities in which students may be involved in include:

  • ANZAC Day services
  • The Blessing of the Fleet
  • Sponsoring a child in a developing country
  • Working with local service clubs to support their community service activities
  • RFDS Lunch service


The Esperance Anglican Community School crest takes the form of a shield - a traditional design often used by church-based schools.
The three points of the shield represent God the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Spirit.

Sitting atop the shield is a cross, representing Jesus Christ. The cross is placed on the front of a Bishop’s mitre, a symbol of the Christian church. The cross and miter remind us that the School is founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and part of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Perth, under the authority of the Archbishop.

Within the shield you find the flavour and colour of Esperance. The abundant southern ocean in the south (represented in blue), with its waves (represented in white) rolling onto the shoreline and beaches at West Beach (represented in gold). The sun, the source of life and energy, is seen setting over the western horizon.

The shield reminds us of God’s goodness in creation, and of our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment in which we live.

The School crest is based on an original design by The Reverend Peter Laurence, Chief Executive Officer, the Anglican Schools Commission (Inc).

Our School colours are:

  • Dark Blue
  • Aqua
  • Gold


Esperance Anglican Community School is committed to safeguarding children, with all staff and volunteers required to follow our Child Safe Policy and Procedures, and our Code of Conduct; all staff and volunteers undertake strict checks on references, a Federal Police check and a Working with Children check.