Since 2008, Esperance Anglican Community School (EACS) has developed into becoming a valued contributor to our local Esperance community. We are proud of the way our students, parents and staff have helped to create a regional community that embraces individuality, while achieving an overall sense of unity. Our founding vision, “Educating the whole person – in mind, body and spirit” remains core and is embedded in the fabric of the School as we strive to encourage our students to embrace and fulfill the talents with which they have been blessed. It is our aim that our students develop these talents and become great contributors to the region and beyond.

Boarding at EACS provides a unique opportunity for students to live and learn as part of an active and nurturing school environment and allows us to continue to grow and better serve the needs of our surrounding areas. We live in a safe, residential area in the heart of Esperance, with our boarders residing right in the centre of the School, acknowledging the vital contribution they will provide to the life of the whole school.


Esperance Anglican Community School is located in West Beach, a safe residential area in the heart of the vibrant town of Esperance. Our students can travel safely to school by bicycle, on foot or by school bus. Our location on the doorstep of one of the world’s most beautiful natural environments allows students to pursue a wide range of individual talents and interests, embracing the outdoor lifestyle – which is central to the identity of what it means to be a country kid. Being country West Australian is part of our DNA.


Choosing a school for your child can be a challenging process. In Esperance we are fortunate to have a choice of high school education. Esperance Anglican Community School offers a unique approach to education, providing a caring, Christian environment that nourishes heart, head and hands.

We offer a genuine breadth of curriculum and avoid premature specialisation, providing our students the chance to grow and develop their talents over time. Whether a student intends to go to university, begin employment or follow another path, we can provide the education they need to achieve their goals. We believe that our tight-knit community makes us special. We embrace individuality whilst achieving an overall sense of unity. There is palpable sense of enjoyment present within our campus. EACS really is the place to live and learn in the heart of Esperance.


Esperance Anglican Community School opened in January 2008, as the ninth school of the Anglican Schools Commission, to provide an alternative Private option for high-school education in the remote and rural shire of Esperance. There was a strongly held belief - in both the Shire and within the Anglican Schools Commission - that there was a need for such an educational enterprise. Evidence showed there was a supportive population for an Independent School, based on the traditions of the Anglican Church.

After a relatively modest beginning the School has grown rapidly over the last three years. A balanced and realistic ten-year planning process has ensured that facilities have kept pace with the School’s growth and it is now equipped with a range of general and specialist learning areas. There are spacious and attractive grounds with ovals, tennis courts and a basketball/netball court. The curriculum is intentionally broad and balanced with a range of academic and vocational courses. The curriculum offerings will allow Year 12 students to graduate with a WACE Diploma before they proceed on to university, further training or apprenticeships.

Supporting the curriculum is a strong system of pastoral care founded firmly in the Christian Faith and based on the well-tried house system. This ensures there is a strong sense of community bringing together students, staff, parents, Council members and the local community in a powerful alliance which nurtures the young people within it and supports the School in its endeavours. The local community values the School, takes pride in its initial achievements and wishes to see it grow and develop.